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  • Bones......

    Does anybody know how you can tell what creature a bone comes from?
    My dog brought us a present over the weekend. It looked like a shin bone off of a human leg. I know it has to be some animal since we live in the country. But you sometimes here about murder cases being solved because of a dog digging up some bones. I know..I've seen too many movies and read too many books! LOL!!
    She dug it up from underneath our deck that the previous owner had built. We didn't see any other bones nearby.
    You know people who own lots of acres could stock their own graveyard. All right now I'm creeped out.
    We threw the bone into the woods next to our house. Dh thinks it was a deer leg,but with my twisted mind,I was thinking it was a kid's leg. Again, over imagination on my part.

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    I would have it looked at.. take to the local police dept or to the local morgue... and have the forensic pathologist take a peak.. they can answer your question in a heartbeat.
    under the deck.. yeah.. I would have it looked at.
    Life is all about a$$; you're either covering it, laughing it off, kicking it, kissing it, busting it, trying to get a piece of it, behaving like one, or you live with one.


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      I'm sorry I forgot to add that the previous owner had 2 dogs. We've been finding buried dog toys all around. Thats why I wasn't too concerned about the bone. Figured his dogs buried there.
      If I really thought it was something serious I would have kept it. I was just wondering if something does pop up..what to do about it.


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        I'd also have it checked out, with the number of missing people there are you never know.

        Here just a few week's ago 2 people were out walking there dog & the dog brought them a bone when they turned it in to the police & showed them the area where they was.
        they dug up a few more bone's it was missing person who had been missing for year's