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I did end up going to Portland after all...

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  • I did end up going to Portland after all...

    Very stressful trip. I did all the driving, which I'm not used to. Portland and Seattle traffic was a nightmare. I was a wreck. Rained so hard on the trip home yesterday you couldn't even see the road. I couldn't wait to get home. As soon as I walked in the door, the phone rang. It was my friend, Lisi. She asked if I was ok...said she had a terrible nightmare that something had happened to me. I'm glad she didn't call earlier, before I drove home, I would have worried/stressed even more for the whole drive home.

    We saw Ted's dad for about 10 minutes one day and about 5 minutes another day. He's very weak. It will probably be the last time Ted sees him. His brother said that he won't talk to anyone. He's basically given up and ready to die. He's in a lot of pain. He has radiation treatments every day. They can't do chemo or surgery because of his age and the state of his health. Randy (Ted's brother) said he sat down and wrote his dad a letter and advised Ted to do the same, so he spent most of the drive home yesterday trying to put his thoughts and feelings in a "good bye" letter to his dad. It was just heartbreaking.

    We took his mom to lunch one day. Very gracious lady. You could tell she's under a lot of stress. She seems very tired and frail. I worry about what will happen when she loses her husband.

    My girlfriend wore me out shopping on Saturday (I hate, hate, hate, shopping!) for stuff for my ugly, depressing little bathroom. We decided on a butterfly theme. I spent way too much money! But maybe it will brighten things up in there a little bit. Pics of it as it is now are at

    I'll post pictures when I get everything put up. I still need some odds and ends in there, a couple of towel racks, a shelf to the right of the sink, some more stuff for the walls, but I'll have a better idea of what I want/need after I get the stuff we already bought put up. (Which, knowing me, could be another year! LOL)

    I got my new seal-a-meal. I was so excited, but I've been gone for ten days and have no groceries in the house and couldn't find a darn thing to "seal". *chuckles*

    The apartment is just a mess again. I left at the last minute, so dirty dishes and trash have been sitting for ten days. My poor little plants, that I just repotted, are all wilty and sad looking. Will have to give them some TLC tonight. I can't wait to just *sit* for a while. We've just been running, running, running, the whole trip. I love my little car again. I have an old 1992 T-Bird that I was thinking of trading in. I was worried about it making the trip, but it still ran great, so I've decided to hang on to it. I think we put about 1600 miles on it and only put 103.00 worth of gas in, and I still have 3/4 of a tank.

    Well, I think that's all the news for now. The office is a disaster, I guess I should attempt to tackle some of it...(after I catch up here, that is!)