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  • Need help searching

    for a scrapbook store in State College, PA
    I know I found one looking online, but now I can't find it anywhere! Super Sleuth Searchers, I need your help!
    I'm leaving tomorrow for three days of training there and I am bent on finding this scrapbooking store. I believe it's located on South Atherton.

    Oh and it wasn't a Joanne Fabrics or Michael's or was an independent store.

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    Quinn-Tessential Scrapbook Str

    814-861-3400 2141 S Atherton St, State College, PA 16801


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      Maddison, South Atherton is the main road going right thru town. You cant miss the shopping district there! Find a place to park and get out and "cruise the avenue". There's lot's of nice little shops there. And..hmmmmmm you just might be hitting the week when the Arts Festival is in town too????


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        Arts Festival isn't usually until the first or second week in July. Oh I WISH I was there during Arts Fest! I'm an alumni and just have sooooo many memories of that place!! Arts Fest is a blast and forget about getting hotel rooms unless you book a year in advance.
        Thank you fatkat, you never fail me! That's it!!


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          I couldnt remember if it was the first weekend in June or July?? I never had a problem getting a mom used to live there so we always had a big party during festival week. Where are you staying? Theres lots of new places in town. Plenty to do even without the festival.


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            I've been to PA I loved the place and seeing as much as i could see, ya can't ever not try to travel by a car or you'll miss seeing the good stuff


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              The Quinntessential Scrapbook Store
              2141 S. Atherton St.
              State College, PA 16801
              Phone: (814) 861-3400

              Is this it?


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                Yes, peabs, that's it! cool! Thank you everyone!
                We'll be staying at the Days Inn. I took pictures of that place being built while I was a student there. I think it's on South Pugh or South Allen...can't remember.
                The conference is right in the hotel.