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  • Things I've Learned About

    Since I've been a member here, my little world has been opened a little bit wider. Things that you may think mundane, are a new experience to me.

    For instance, since joining I have learned:

    Romaine Lettuce makes the best salads!! Thanks Bean, & Fatkat!

    Frank's Red Hot on chicken ROCKS! Thanks Shadow!

    Ken's Light Sweet Vidalia Onion Dressing is great on paninis. Thanks Cindy!

    I learned how to print a recipe without printing the whole thread. Thanks Chop!

    And all kinds of things on the computer....thanks to everybody!

    One thing I still haven't tried is Rhubarb, because I can't find it where I live. Still want to experience that.

    Little things, but add to the enjoyment of life.

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    Isn't life GRAND


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      Isn't CK grand?


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        Don't feel bad about not having tasted Rhubarb yet luv2bake, cause for as many time's as i have been to hernando I still haven't tasted Kudzu and i've heard it makes a good jelly. it's not sold up my way or available for growing.


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          Do you have family in Hernando? Hey, I haven't had Kudzu Jelly either.


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            No, but an old friend of mine and my sister lives there occasionaly we drive her mom down to see her or go down to bring back the kid's for a visit.

            i've seen the kudzu recover the road after the city had removed it
            that stuff grow's fast!


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              Sometimes it can be very pretty, but sure plays havoc with the trees! You can almost see it growing!


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                You guys are just great here. So much to learn and experience. I really enjoy being here. I have learned to open up a little....(well maybe a lot - hee hee)

                luv2bake, I love Franks Red Hot....yum yum!!!! Glad you enjoy it too.


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                  luv's the kens dressing also makes a great marinade for boneless/skinless chick breasts. put in a ziplock and marinate for 2 days......grill..........yummy for you tummy chop

                  i didnt loose it! ...........i sold it on ebay!


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                    That does sound good, chop, thanks, I will try it!


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                      There are a lot of things to learn. I'm always learning.

                      luv2bake - I saw you say you learned how to print a recipe without printing the whole thread. How do you do that? The only way I know is to copy and paste it in the word processor and print it out from there. Is there an easier way? Thanks.


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                        I've learned so much here cats can spray, and how to unjam my garbage disposal and how to stop it from smelling...and dont talk about old people getting tied up unless you want to start a riot. LOL
                        Seriously, its so nice to have a place to come to and ask questions, and so nice to get the answers from someone who has been there and done that!


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                          Sunset, highlight, right click, print, then selection, then print.


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                            The Ken's Lite Vidalia Onion dressing is delicious on spinach salad. In fact, I like it on almost anything.


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                              Cottun, had to laugh at you, but dang, I am glad you learned that! I have learned bunches here too, mostly, if I need an answer to something someone out there knows it, if I just need an opinion, everyone has one, and I am so grateful for all of those that talk to me so I can look at situations from angles other than mine. And ofcourse, anytime I need a recipe I come here first.
                              Those that do not know how to weep with their whole heart don't know how to laugh either. ~Golda Meir~