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  • Kitchenaid mixer

    Just got my new mixer. Professional 600 in red. Grandson (10 year old) ask if he could have other for his mom. Bought if for $1, lol. He was very proud. Question I have is does any one have the pasta rollers or ice cream maker and how do you like it.

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    I would love to get a new one but not sure I would use it much. I bet that red is beautiful. Hope someone can help you with your question.


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      We have the grinder...LOVE it, we make our own ground beef frequently when chuck roasts go on sale. That way, we control the fat content. It also makes wonderful sandwich spreads.

      We have the pasta rollers. Mamamoo loves to make noodles, but she just cannot roll them out anymore. The rollers are a lifesaver.

      I think she would like the ice cream attachment and may get that for her for Christmas.

      Love our KitchenAid. Ours is cobalt blue. Whatever did we do before we had it? Makes cookie making so much easier! I still use the hand mixer for some things, but the KA is indespensible!
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        I have the pasta rollers and ice cream makers both. they both work great. The ice cream maker is great for just a few people so there is not a lot of left over ice cream (if there ever was a thing) for me to eat later. I have bought the little cheap mixes at Wal-Mart and they work fine for it also. The home made pasta is worth the price of it. I just bought the ravioli maker off of the website but have not tried it yet. I can't wait to try it though.
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          Kitchenaid mixer

          I still have the first one they came out with, LOL


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            I would love to have the copper one!!


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              I would love one period!


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                I just got mine as a wedding present.. not sure of what model number it is but I do know its not the fanciest one.. the head of my mixer doesn't lift back its stationary. I do love it though and makes baking so much easier just by being hands free to move about the kitchen to get things while it mixes.

                I don't have any attachments for mine yet though.. I bet the pasta attachment would be wonderful.
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                  O you got the professional, great choice, I have used the regular size and the pro and like the pro so much more. Its a Tim The Tool Man thing, more power...urf, urf, urf! , I have never used either attachment, but I wish you years of happy mixing!
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                    I have a deep purple one. A lifesaver when you're doing icing for cake decorating.


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                      I have a bing Cherry one. It goes with my olive green kitchen. i love it.

                      We thought about getting the meat grinder, but now my hubby thinks it wouldn't be good enough for what we need. What we need is something to grind up deer and elk meat after hunting season. He thinks he needs to get a meat grinder from Cabelas. What do you think?


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                        I wish I had the pasta roller and ice cream maker, some day maybe.

                        I do have the meat grinder and actually use it but I've never done more than 5 pounds at a time. I don't know about a whole deer/elk, I think it would be alot of work prepping the meat for grinding.
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                          For those of you with a grinder attachment here is a recipe that I made up and is very good if I say so myself.

                          My Ham Loaf recipe

                          2 pounds left over Ham / ground (I use my Kitchen Aid food grinder with the coarse plate)

                          1 pound fresh ground pork, unseasoned (I buy this at the store)

                          2 cups Frosted Flakes (measure two cups of flakes then crush to about ¼ inch size)

                          2 eggs

                          1 Cup milk

                          1 Tablespoon dry mustard,

                          3 slices caned pineapple

                          3 maraschino cherries

                          ¼ cup packed brown sugar

                          In a Large bowl mix ground Ham and ground pork together. You want to keep the mixture lose, do not mix this like a ground beef meat loaf / keep it lose.

                          In another bowl combine brown sugar and dry Mustard. Then add to Ham and pork mixture. At this time add the Frosted Flakes to the loaf.

                          In a two cup measuring cup pore a cup of milk and add two eggs, mix slightly and add to loaf. DO NOT! Over mix this! You do not want this to be a tight mixture; it should be shaped in a loaf. But not packed tight in the pan.

                          Place 3 slices of pineapple on top and in the center of each pineapple ring, place a maraschino cherry.

                          Bake at 350° for 45 minuets to 1 hour

                          I also have the ice cream attachment but have never tried it thou.