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ANTS are invading my house

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  • ANTS are invading my house

    Years ago we had a BAD case of ants.. We had an exterminator come in monthly - for 3 years.. and they were gone. We had to take out plantings around the foundation (sad time) and replanted making sure that there was enough space.
    This afternoon we had a wicked thunder/lightning storm and GEESSSSH... I have ANTS EVERYWHERE!!! (I know I shouldn't blame it on the storm but they weren't here this morning!).
    They aren't the sweet ants... these are BIG hard bodied ants. I will call the exterminator in the morning....but in the meantime, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

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    A farmer once told me to put a "line" of powdered Borax ouside along the wall where they are coming in. For some reason they arent supposed to cross the line??? This is the time of year when they seem to come inside. Knocking on wood.....I havent had any problems here this year at all.


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      We have them too Tessa and I bet those are the Carpenter Ants - Giant hard bodies. I have massive bites all over me from sitting in the grass at my BIL's house. I am severe allergic to ants.

      I use Terro and you can buy it from HomeDepot.


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        I am just amazed at the size of the ants your talking about, we have them too! one was crawling on the bathroom wall just today.


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          You can also lay out bay leaves- ants hate them and go in the opposite direction.


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            Bay leaves??? I'm going to try this in the AM, if the rain stops. Otherwise it will smell like my house is making soup!!!

            Ants + bay leaves = turn around & leave

            Ants + my soup = turn around & leave ( and my DH, who hates soup!!)

            Thanks kittygirl.. will try this!!!


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              I too would say Borax.. I was told to mix it with powdered sugar.. the sugar attracts them and the borax kills them. Good Luck.
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                I use the Terro ant poison. They LOVE it, DH gets really grossed out while they devour it.... the next day, they are gone! Usually it takes just one application a year.

                I don't have carpenter ants. They can actually be eating your house..... any wood. So, if they were coming in from outside, or if they are in the house, and coming out- I would certainly check out....


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                  I have 2 big red bumps on my upper arm ...thought they were mosquito bites but now I'm not so sure it wasnt these big black giant ants.


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                    I've also heard ants won't cross a chaulk line,but how to put a chaulk line in the yard?

                    Another use for bay leaf. I put it in all my cannisters,keeps bugs away.
                    Remember those asian ladybugs? we were infested,I put bayleaf in all my window siils where I was getting them the most. I do see one or two now and then,but not dustpans full.Sorry didn't mean to hijack this post.
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                      Originally posted by wishingstar
                      I have 2 big red bumps on my upper arm ...thought they were mosquito bites but now I'm not so sure it wasnt these big black giant ants.
                      You should see the bites on my upper are also...............they are huge and rock hard and the size of grapes. The red ring around them is the size of a lime and they ITCH.

                      I am finally getting it under control with Tea Tree Oil.


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                        omg the ants are taking over here. I am going to have to call the bug guy again. He was here just last month
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                          Thankfully we only have sugar ants in the house(not they don't need to go and like yesterday) but out in the yard we have fireants. thats a big double OUCH but my ducks make quick work of the ones in the yard.

                          I'm going to try the bay leaf this for the sugar ants. If that don't work I'll try the chalk, I'm sure I can bum some off our carpenter friends. Borax didn't work with them.
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                            Living in Oregon I have seen these monsters in tree stumps and fire wood. Thank goodness for those woodpeckers! I have not had any problems in my house, fortunately, but have heard from others about baiting and following the ants to their nest.
                            Since I hate using any type of pesticide around my house so I have listed a few safer alternatives ... just in case this will help.
                            I have heard, but never tried, using WATER packed tuna as bait (they don't like oil packed) and following the ants to their nest. Once the nest has been located you can use boric acid to exterminate these beast. Use an empty squirt type mustard container to puff boric acid in the nest. Also below are some safe products and the website where I found these alternative methods.


                            Diatomaceous earth based products (Safer Brand, Concern) work by killing via physical injury rather than by chemical poisoning. The microscopically sharp needles of the diatoms puncture their “skin” and drain the body of fluids. If eaten by the ants, the microscopic needles of silica interfere with the insect’s breathing, digestion, and reproduction. Eventually, the ants will die.

                            Boric acid based products that work quite well. Timbor by Borax works particularly well and is available at Home Environmental. Victor has a product called “Liquid Ant Killing System ” which also contains mint jelly as a bait. Straight boric acid powder will work, but lacks an attractant to draw the insect to the powder. Also, the consistency of the powder makes a difference in effectiveness. Boric acid based products work when dry. These products dehydrate the ants and they die. When used outdoors, rain can wash away the product or at least dilute it. While it may work again once dried, it likely will be less effective. POISON-FREE also has a natural spray formula to kill ants and roaches that contains your choice of either mint or cedar oil. Be sure to read all product directions and warnings before using any of these products.


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                              I read somewhere that once you get them out of your house to pour a continual line of cinnamon at the base of your home they will not cross the cinnamon. Just another suggest for help.

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