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did you know that today (29th November) is...

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  • did you know that today (29th November) is...

    ...nothing food related but it is National Package Protection day so I'll just use one of the words... 'package' ...and tell you my favourite packaged food items are.

    I very much like this gravy powdered mix over anything I make from scratch but instead of making it up with just boiling water as instructed, I use chicken stock and it's very easy and yum...


    I sometimes make a date loaf from a packet mix because it's much easier and it's a nice one. Sometimes I'll cut up a few extra dates if there doesn't look enough in the packet contents. I usually make two loaves and take one to my next door neighbour. They are a divorced couple who share the house. The lady is almost 80 years old and has just fought a battle with pancreatic cancer and won! *cheering* She's struggling to regain some weight so I take her a cake every week.

    And last but not least, Continental French Onion powdered soup. I regularly use this as a base for a casserole. John loves onions so starting with this packet I only need to add a few other vegetables and a generous spoonful of my tomato chutney for some sweetness. Easiest meal that I make at least once a fortnight...

    Now over to you... what packaged food makes your life easier?
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    Ooh, so many! Duncan Hines yellow cake mix, I use this for baking my famous cranberry bourbon oatmeal cookies. Iíve got to get started on those next week!

    Velveeta Shells and Cheese. Yes, I know I can take the time to make homemade mac and cheese, but sometimes you just want fast and cheesy and we love this stuff.

    Stove Top Stuffing. We both love this, I even enjoy it cold! I mix it with chicken broth instead of water and it makes a great side dish.

    Betty Crocker Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes. Excellent stuff, so easy and tasty! I use either half and half cream or heavy cream instead of just milk when I make this, depends on whatís on hand. Very satisfying!


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      There is a brand of Peppered Gravy Mix by Southeast Mills that I just love. It comes dry in an envelope (2 different sizes) and all you add is water and then whisk and heat until thickened. I use it for eggs, biscuits or anything you want some gravy on. That's the first thing that came to my mind. Certainly like the Kraft Mac and Cheese - any variation. The bťarnaise sauce from Knoor or McCormick are good for beef.


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        Vera, I think Iíve used that gravy mix in the past and it is excellent! Youíre spot on about that Bearnaise sauce too, itís wonderful and so much easier than trying to make it from scratch. Bearnaise is one of those things that I knew from the first moment I tasted it that it was something Iíd love forever. Heaven in a sauce!


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          We love the Knorr pkg'd mixes!Everything we like is pretty much posted here.I try not to use too many mixes but they sure do come in handy!We have family all over Tx.& use to be that every Christmas my S-I-L would send different pkg'd mixes for different flavors of chili mixes that I think she got from the PX or whenever they travelled to another town.Yummy chili mixes to!