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did you know that today (30th November) is...

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  • did you know that today (30th November) is...

    ...National Mousse day. I haven't had chocolate mousse for a long time. The mousse in this picture looks very rich and I prefer mousse that is not so chocolate-y.

    Whenever John and I go out for a meal at the pub we order Senior meals. When retired people turn 60 they can apply for a Seniors card that can be presented for discounts at various places like the Zoo, cinemas, public transport, etc. Many restaurants and pubs offer Senior meals at a much reduced rate, sometimes half price. Usually for $14 we can get a 2-course meal... soup and main or main and dessert. 90% of the time no matter what pub we go to, the Seniors dessert is a choice of apple crumble or chocolate mousse. I always choose apple crumble because I suspect that the mousse is an instant just-add-water-and-whisk packet. John usually talks them into giving him a kids dessert of jelly and icecream...
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    I have to say that the picture of the chocolate mousse is not very appealing. The mousse can be very light and tasty. It has been a while since I've made them.


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      I have never made a mousse, I know I had it in the past but I can't remember exactly where or when. ??


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        Iíve never made mousse, and I donít think chocolate would be my first choice. Iíd rather have vanilla ice cream or tapioca pudding!