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did you know that today (1st December) is...

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  • did you know that today (1st December) is...

    ...National Pie day. This picture has my mouth watering. Apple pie is one of my favourites. Another is cherry pie that my mother-in-law (God rest her soul because it never rested on earth) made. John was brought up in a country town in New South Wales called Young and is the cherry capital of Australia. Whenever we visited Young around Christmas time we bought a case of cherries... about 25lb... for around $50. These days Young cherries sell for around $9 per pound in the shops. It's a hit and miss industry in Young... hit by hailstones, miss out on local cherries. We were in Young once when a freak hailstorm went through the town from one end to the other. Not one cherry survived which spelled devastation to local businesses.

    I'm not planning any pies in the near future other than the occasional Aussie meat pie if we have an easy lunch.
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    I like cherries but I am always afraid that they is still a pit in one of those cherries and I don't want to break a tooth. What I do is smoosh the cherries with my fork before putting it into my mouth - problem solved.
    Gosh, who doesn't love pie - yummy.


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      I prefer Pecan Pie over Apple pie. My daughter baked a cherry pie for Thanksgiving, it was so good, I hope I can talk her in to making another one for Christmas.


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        My favorite kind of pie is pumpkin, always has been, always will be. My other favorites are custard pie and blackberry pie. I am absolutely not a baker so Sara Lee, Mrs. Smithís or Claim Jumper work for me. I know, thatís practically blasphemy on a cooking site, but I just donít enjoy it. Cooking, on the other hand, I love!