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December 1st Dinner Post

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  • December 1st Dinner Post

    Good Afternoon!

    Well here we are. It is December 1st and a sunny sky, temps in the low 40's and the low in the low 30's. Dark clouds in the north so may have rain moving in.

    I kept some chicken out of the soup yesterday and will sautť some onions, carrots, celery and garlic, pour in some chicken broth and after it simmers a bit make gravy and add chicken. I will serve that over biscuits along with some applesauce.

    What will be on the menu for your evening meal?
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    Itís a really nice day today, pleasantly cool out. I slept in this morning, my knees told me to skip the workout today. I did some grocery shopping for Mom and took a huge bag of Dadís clothes to Salvation Army.

    Iím trying out a recipe for Korean beef and rice tonight, with broccoflower on the side.


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      We've gone from heatwave back to Winter within a couple of days. Melbourne (where I live) is well known for having four seasons in one day. A lot of the state of Victoria is now under water because of the excessive rain. We avoided the worst of it but my garden is still very, very wet. Good thing we bought good, well-draining soil. I think everything will survive except for the daphne plants.

      Dinner tonight was, as usual, divided. John had BBQ pork, mashed potato and peas. I had crumbed prawns cooked in the airfryer.

      Finishing off the ironing tonight and if it's still raining tomorrow I'll start to redecorate and nursery. Immy is 2Ĺ now and I think it's time to change the cot for a single bed...
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