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did you know that today (3rd December) is...

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  • did you know that today (3rd December) is...

    ...National Roof Over Your Head day, which as you can see is not food-related. I know we are all grateful for the rooves over our heads and equally so we are grateful for our kitchens to prepare meals for our families.

    Let's talk about kitchens. We had a new kitchen installed just as we were celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. I me it's still a new kitchen but in reality it's now 15 years old. It's not the biggest kitchen by any means and I have no doubt that if we ever sold our house the first thing the new owner would do is rip it out and extend the kitchen into our familyroom. I'm very happy with it as it is... plenty of cupboards and drawers, double sink, stainless steel gas stove/cooker and a walk-in pantry. Two years ago we added a stainless steel dishwasher and a year ago bought a new stainless steel fridge. It all looks good to us. I even managed to buy two stainless steel rubbish bins that fit under the bench top/counter top... one for rubbish and the other for recycling.

    What have you done to your kitchen or what would you like to do?
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    My kitchen is my original kitchen when we built in 1996. I did go with white cabinetry though as white never goes out of style. My previous home I redid the kitchen three times with the first two having stained cabinets (first one dark cabinets and the second medium stained). The third was white and bingo it never looked outdated. My dishwasher and refrigerator have wood paneling on them to match the cabinets. When I have to replace them and the paneling no longer fits the configuration, stainless steel would also go with the granite countertops so I am safe. The one thing I wish I had was a walk in pantry rather than an in-wall pantry where you just open up the doors and the selves are right in front of you.


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      Id like to put a bomb under mine! As I may have mentioned before, we live in a big house with my Mom and it actually has separate living areas under the roof over our head. Mom has the larger kitchen, mine was more of an afterthought. It started out life as a recreation room bar but over the years a full range was added as well as a dishwasher and our fridge is in it too. I have NO room in it! It is the proverbial one butt kitchen. I literally cannot stand in front of my oven to put things in it, I have to stand to the side, which explains all the burns on my arms. There are a few cupboards, but I cant store food in here except for the fridge, but we also have a huge basement that has areas in it that work beautifully as a pantry and large cooking utensil storage. Add this to the confusion, we have to take 2 steps UP to get to the basement! I know, this makes no sense to most people, youd have to see it to understand it.

      All this being said, I still manage to put out some great meals. I have definitely learned to clean up as I go, otherwise Id get overwhelmed. We will be staying in this house as long as Mom is still living but after that we will sell the house (its way too big for 2 people) and move out of state and I plan to have an honest to goodness real kitchen with walking space and lots of cupboards!

      Edited to add: Honest, I had apostrophes in the message I typed! For some reason they dont (and I did put one there!) transfer when it posts!

      Edited again: Weird, now all my apostrophes are back where they should be! Go figure!
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        We renovated our kitchen about 6 years ago or so. I have a small kitchen but functional. We removed the ugly wallpaper and painted the walls in a sand color, got a new 5 burner cooktop and added 2 wall, ovens. They sure come in handy at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Replace the old dishwasher with a new , super quiet Bosch dishwasher and the old side by side fridge, which I hated , with a new French door stainless steel fridge, love it , so much space. Next will be the countertops, they are tile and I hate them, hard to keep the grout clean, already had the tile professionally cleaned and sealed and it really needs to be done again. My cooktop is placed in the island which has a marble counter top. Overall I like my kitchen, it opens up to the living room, the formal dining room and the breakfast table, it has a bar around the counter tops and so it makes a perfect place when we have family or friends over, they all congregate around the kitchen.


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          So entertaining reading about your kitchens. Thank you all for being here...
          I love my computer because all my friends live inside it!