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December 4th Dinner Post

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  • December 4th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It is sunny with the high of 48 and the low of 36.

    Dinner will be a bacon quiche, salad and baked apples.

    What is tempting your taste buds this evening?
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    Hi of 30 here today. Homemade chicken noodle soup is on the menu.


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      Itís a bit warm today and we have Santa Ana wind conditions and very low humidity. I have got a nasty headache today and nothing is touching it as far as meds. Oh well, Just soldier on, I guess. Iím doing laundry and we did finally go to the Hallmark store for our yearly ornaments.

      Iím kind of doing Amana Melange tonight...Finish up the smoked steelhead, finish up the mashed turnips and potatoes, add some broccoflower and call it dinner.


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        It was a nice day here,sunny & warm ..Gonna take advantage of it while I can,there's a cold front moving in!

        DH suggested pizza & since he's feeling somewhat better,I agreed as well(I think he's lost a little weight to.)The spiciness in their pizza tomato sauce(Its pretty spicy-hot!)& then that other sauce on the fajita pizza will most likely open up his sinus' & that's a good thing as well!So,we will order these large,a chicken fajita pizza & sausage-mushroom-green pepper pizza & an extra hamburger-onion-cheese pizza.Then an order of buffalo wings.It may sound like alot of food for 2 people but we get a discount for the pizzas & the wings free & then he can take it in his lunch for 2-3 days,if he so desires.Plus we will eat on it for days!& then there is always company coming in & out.I love leftovers! Especially pizza leftovers,hot or cold,just never warm!I love it when it almost burns the roof off of your mouth hot or just out of the fridge cold.


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          All these dinners sound great, even thought I don't know what "steelhead" is. A type of fish maybe? No clue.

          We are having sausages, mashed sweet potato and peas. I'll have corn instead of peas.

          Cool day but we didn't do very much. I'm still recovering from a physio appointment on my foot. The physio has recommended to my doctor that I have a cortisone injection to help me get past Christmas. If it will take some of the pain away I'm all for it.
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            Take the cortisone injection Chay!Almost anything to relieve the pain right!?