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did you know that today (4th December) is...

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  • did you know that today (4th December) is...

    ...National Cookie day. This is one I can completely embrace. I love eating sweet biscuits/cookies... a little too much love at times. One biscuit is never enough per cup of coffee. At this time of year I particularly love gingerbread and I make a double batch of the dough and divide into four... cook one and freeze the other three.

    Interesting facts: The English word “cookie” is derived from the Dutch word “koekie” meaning little cake. In most English-speaking countries outside of North America, the most common word for cookie is “biscuit.”

    Are you baking cookies to share at Christmas?
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    Ah yes, but the problem is not eating them. I love my molasses cookies and sugar cookies, frosted or plain. The aroma gets me every time coming out of the oven. Once the aroma is gone I do better but that can take a long time. So many kinds, so good.
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      Oh yes,i'm baking cookies to share at Christmas,I always do.& in each goody box(the size of a decorated shoe box for each family/& /or person) w/them will be fresh oranges,apples & pears,also different kinds of nuts scattered throughout.I also make different breads baked in mini loaf pans such as: pumpkin,banana nut,poppy seed & my Applesauce Raisin Spice cake.Then theres the homemade fudges(milk chocolate nut,peanut butter & chocolate swirl,then plain peanut butter,),& then there's more candy, the only thing not homemade of the candies (is the ribbon candy & orange slices.)The homemade candies are: date-marshmallow logs,chocolate covered cherries,peanut clusters,kibbles & bits,crunchy caramel marshmallows & cinnamon-cashew brittle etc.The cookies are lemon bars,2 different kinds of sugar cookies,1 w/the colored dough & colored sugars,the other iced Christmas trees w/sprinkles,the others are:,Chocolate covered peanut butter bon-bons,Neiman Marcus cookies,filled cinnamon-walnut rugelach,my G-ma's oatmeal-nut cookies etc..This is why I wanted to go simple on my decorations this year!LOL.Yes I do make all of this but i'm usually doing so a little at a time before T-giving,freezing doughs & such.


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        I’ll be starting on my Bourbon Oatmeal Cookies next week. These are the only cookies that my friends and family want, so I imagine I’ll be making about 30 dozen or so. My hair dresser will get 6 dozen!