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did you know that today (6th December) is...

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  • did you know that today (6th December) is...

    ...National Microwave Oven day. There was a food for today but it was very close to something that we had recently (cold soup) so I selected the humble micro instead. In our house the microwave has a few names.... micro, zapper, nuker to name three. It gets used every day for defrosting, cooking and reheating... even to warm the dog's dinner.

    I've never bothered to attempt a microwave cake but I know people who have and expected me to be surprised that the cake wasn't cooked in a regular oven. No surprise there... it made me never to want another microwave cake again.

    I cook most of our vegetables that should be steamed or boiled... peas, corn, potatoes. I don't like nuked carrots because there's about one second between nicely cooked and shriveled. Many years ago I cooked a mini pumpkin in the micro and when I lifted it out it exploded all over the kitchen, including the ceiling. I didn't know I was supposed to cut vent holes in the pumpkin before I nuked it. Hard lesson learned. Going by the given information about microwaves, I'm in good company with exploding food...

    Quite by accident, self- taught American engineer Percy Spencer discovered a way to heat food safely with microwaves. While working with an active radar in 1945, he noticed a candy bar in his pocket was melting. The high-powered microwave beams created a heating effect ideal for cooking. Spencer deliberately attempted cooking popcorn with the microwaves and an egg was next. The egg was less successful than the popcorn. It exploded in his fellow engineer’s face!

    What disasters have you had with your microwave oven?
    I love my computer because all my friends live inside it!

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    Quite honestly I think the only thing that happened badly in my microwave('s) was 1 time I was cooking a hot dog & left it in too long & of course it exploded,but I think it was a weird one because its never happened again.They just split a little now when I overcook them a little.Oh wait...the disasters i've had several times is taking something out to stir & get burned from the steam of whatever had a little water or liquid in it.


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      I remember the very first microwave I ever saw. I was only 8 or 9 years old and a local store was demonstrating it and I knew I had to have one when I grew up. It was huge, as big as a refrigerator! Raytheon built the first ones and when they bought Hughes Aircraft in 1998 they but out a book with photos and stories about their history and that microwave was in it. I have that book somewhere in my stash!

      I got my first microwave in 1978 and have not been without one since. I use it mostly for reheating and steaming vegetables. If my microwave dies it will be replaced THAT day!