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did you know that today (7th December) is...

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  • did you know that today (7th December) is...

    ...National Cotton Candy day. In Australia we call this 'fairy floss' and it's very yummy. Just one of my many weaknesses. It was always pink but was eventually made in blue as well. Being artificial colouring, it could be made in any colour of the rainbow. It always tastes better fresh from a stick than in a plastic bag.
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    Today is Pearl Harbor Day. 76 years ago , Japan attacked Pearl Harbor in Hawaii and killed thousands of military men and women. Unfortunately it's not remembered much anymore. We have a whole generation ( or two ) growing up without much knowledge , if any, of our history in WW II or Korea, even so it all changed our world.


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      I love cotton candy but alas I cannot it anymore. As a child I thought it was magical the way it just disappeared when you stuck you tongue on it. It was a rare treat when I was a child. Fairs, circus or in some stores at Christmas time.
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