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June 7th Dinner Post

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  • June 7th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It is cloudy with a chance of rain and the high of 72 and the low of 54.

    I am solo tonight so I am having "my kind" of meal. I have some asparagus and three sweet potatoes so I am baking the potatoes, removing from toaster oven when done and roasting the asparagus for about ten minutes and then grating some cheese on top. Lots of cinnamon on the sweet potato and I will be set for a meal that I will enjoy. I am thinking the other two would make a good sweet potato pie.

    What is inspiring ideas will turn into a lovely dinner for you and your family?
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    Grilling steaks tonight, mushrooms and broccoli on the side, drenched in butter


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      Its a nice breezy day today, kind of humid but not too bad. I went back to Smart & Final today and got 2 more tri-tips on sale. I might just go back tomorrow too, never can tell. Abby is feeling better, she got an antibiotic shot and some oral flea prevention medicine. In the next couple of days were going to take off early in the morning and flea bomb our living room area. Just one of the many things about summer that annoy me!

      Im going to roast a tri-tip and yesterday I made deviled egg macaroni salad to have with it.


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        Another day in the HOUSE to be sold! I'm just about done! My poor son,,,tho plugging away at what he can do. He spent so much money on threshold and chiseled it out only to see it crack once put in place. Everything takes some much time. I've been painting trim around windows and cleaning bathrooms. Oh god, got there at 9:00 got home at 4:00 this is so many days in a row. Hoping to have pics for realtor soon!
        I pulled out cabbage rolls from freezer, made some KD on side for dinner. Got home late. no energy to cook. blah
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