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June 8th Dinner Post

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  • June 8th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It is hazy out already so that says a lot. It will be 77 with showers and thunderstorms off and on.

    I just put some Sloppy Joe mixture in the crockpot as I am heading out for the day and will not feel like making anything when I get home at dinner time. Some raw veggies and sweet potato pie that I made last night will be out meal.

    What will be your dinner this evening?
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    Cockails, lots and lots of cocktails!


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      Originally posted by muzette7 View Post
      Cockails, lots and lots of cocktails!
      LOL Muzette, nothing has changed, has it. I remember you posting about drinking lots of cocktails way back.
      Another 100 degree day for us ( heat index 105 ) and absolutely no rain in the forecast. Taco salad for us tonight.


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        We're having sloppy joes, too. Cole slaw, cottage cheese, sliced tomatoes.


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          Its a very nice day outside,a very good day for yard work.But then,DH was telling me last night that a guy who works with him, well,he got a phone call & high tailed it out of the building & met up with his wife at the E.R.His wife was outside raking up old leaves & she got bit by a copperhead!I'm thinking that those old leaves in our yard will have to wait a bit.Yikes!We just dont have many copperheads in our area.But years ago some crazy psycho got into the snake house at the zoo & almost all of the snakes got out!Yikes,we used to live, like a couple of blocks from the zoo.They never found all of the runaway snakes!They did find alot of those snakes & others for years,even all the way across town!This is one of the reasons why the joy of working outside has been taken away from me.I use to love to work outside in my flower & vegetable gardens.


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            Yikes! DísMom! Snakes!

            Itís warm and humid today but the slight breeze helps quite a bit. Not much going on, just the usual humdrum stuff.

            Iím trying out a recipe for cilantro lime shrimp and pasta tonight and weíll have Caesar salad with it.


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              You've got that right Charlene!

              In all of the craziness about the snakes I forgot to add what we had for dinner.We had beanie weinies w/the leftover baked beans from yesterday,I hadnt had beanie weinies in years!They were very good.Also we had cottage cheese,chunky marinated vegetable salad & for dessert Cantaloupe Shakes.The shakes were so refreshing.


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                We had my chicken hot pot for dinner. John had his with mashed potato, I had mine with rice.

                Immy is coming over tomorrow for a few hours. It will be nice to see her during the day so she can play out in the playground unless it's raining.
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