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June 12th Dinner Post

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  • June 12th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It is a beautiful day with sunshine, a gentle breeze and the high of 77 and the low of 63.

    I have a lot of raw veggies that need used up along with some eggs, cheese and a can of tuna fish that I will make into a nice full salad for dinner along with some rolls and a fruit salad.

    What enticing food will you be having for your evening meal?
    Heritic, rebel, a thing to flount,
    He drew a circle that shut me out.
    But love and I had the wit to win,
    We drew a circle that took him in.

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    Plain old grilled cheese. We are having an ox roast on Saturday so it will be easy cooking all week so I can clean and boring stuff like that.


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      Itís been a pleasant day today, Iíve spent most of the day reading though. Tomorrow will be crazy busy.

      We are going to finish up the tri-tip and macaroni salad tonight. Thereís just enough for one night left.