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June 14th Dinner Post

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  • June 14th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    What a beautiful cloudless sky, nice breeze with the high of 84 and the low of 66.

    I could not fall asleep until three this morning and then I got woke up at 6:15 with the worst ankle cramp. My foot was pulled sideways and not matter when I did it would not let up. I finally crawled into the bathroom and sat on the edge of the tub with hot water running over it until I had enough in the tub that I could put in the hot water. In a matter of about 4 minutes it was gone except for twinges that I am still getting every hour or so. That was seriously painful and the worst I have ever had. I had a new pair of shoes on yesterday, did a lot of walking/standing so think that is what set it off.

    I am making BLT's along with a fruit salad. Works for me.

    What will be your yummy in the tummy meal tonight?
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    livetobake... cramps are so painful so I sympathise with you. John used to get major cramps every night but since taking Magnesium twice a day, his have settled down. He still gets occasional cramps that make him yell but overall he's better than he was. Hopefully your's had a simple cause of new shoes and next time you wear them will be an improvement.

    Do you know that I didn't understand "BLT" until my first trip to the USA? *LOL* Now it's a common term used in cafes here. Without the bread I love having hot bacon mixed through a salad of lettuce and tomato.

    Still having issues with something in the ceiling and in one wall. Tiff is having the same problem and tonight I found out my nextdoor neighbour has the same thing happening. I dearly hope it's not a plague of rats or similar in our area. We've had some heavy rain lately and since the drought, critters are running for cover. I don't know how anything would get into the walls. Our house is on a very thick concrete slab. I guess I'll be calling a pest controller again tomorrow.

    We had chicken wings tonight. I followed one of Julie Goodwin's recipes that I found online and it wasn't as great as I had hoped it would be. Maybe my oven wasn't hot enough or something. I finished them off in my air fryer and they were ok... very buttery which I liked by nothing to be excited over. Most likely I won't try them again. I finished with a cup of coffee and a couple of sweet biscuits.

    Looking forward to having a visit from Immy for a couple of hours tomorrow... That's always fun.
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      Critters can come in from underneath the roof if there is an opening, and it doesn't have to be a big opening either.


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        Its really hot here.
        We're getting ready to eat here in a few.I'm charcoal grilling trout w/a lemon-butter vinaigrette.With it also cooked on the grill,we're having pkts.of grilled baby new potatoes, zucchini & pearl onions.& a salad of bacon-wilted lettuce.For dessert peach shortcakes w/peach ice cream.


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          Iím heading to DísMomís house for dinner!!!

          Warm and kind of breezy today. I have an annoying sinus headache today, just enough to make it uncomfortable. Time to get the sinus pills out again. We were totally wiped out by the time we got home last night. I didnít get my Samís Club haul put away until this morning. There was nothing perishable in there, thank goodness. Our granddaughter was tickled pink with the gifts. We got them a really nice Cuisinart electronic pressure cooker, two really good pressure cooker cookbooks, notes from the recipes Iíve made, and a spice cabinet loaded with Penzeyís spices. They shouldnít have to make any special spice shopping trips for awhile!

          Weíre going to finish up the slow cooker garlic chicken and potatoes and have watermelon on the side.


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            Charlene you are always welcome here!
            Surprisingly,I have leftovers!I may make a smoked trout dip w/whats left of the trout.It will be so smoky flavored, yum!


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              I love smoked trout! I got a really tasty recipe for smoked salmon pate from Seaboltís in Oak Harbor WA and Iíve used smoked trout and smoked steelhead in it. So good! Iíll past the recipe in T&T.


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                Originally posted by CharleneG View Post
                I love smoked trout! I got a really tasty recipe for smoked salmon pate from Seaboltís in Oak Harbor WA and Iíve used smoked trout and smoked steelhead in it. So good! Iíll past the recipe in T&T.
                Mmmm that sounds great,I'll definitely check it out!T/Y