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    All soccer team boys and their coach are out of the cave - thank goodness. Everyone has been glued to the TV. The coach was the weakest giving his food to the boys. He probably refused to leave until all the boys made it out safely. My sense is there will be a movie coming out as this drama was riveting. It's nice to hear some good news for a change.

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    You are so right Vera. Hearing that good news is fantastic for all involved. It is a shame the one diver lost his life doing a heroic deed. Putting the whole situation together it could have been more tragic. I am happy they are out and so very glad that the parents now know their child is safe. All involved are true heroes.
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      That is wonderful news! Iím so sad about the diver who lost his life. The fact that they managed to get those inexperienced boys out safely is incredible though. I hope they all recover from their ordeal quickly. As a mom I can imagine the parents joy to have their boys back.


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        Such a blessing that they were all rescued and the rescuers also came out safely. So sad that the doctor from Adelaide (where Andrew lives) heard that his elderly father had passed away back in South Australia. I hope his dad was able to hear that all the boys were safe and how much his son did to care for them. Another thing that gave me shivers was that the main water pump keeping the level of the water near where the boys were found suddenly gave up working just after everyone was out.
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