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Charlene, how are you

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  • Charlene, how are you

    and your .mom? DH has trouble getting up off of the floor but he can walk without pain. It will get better.

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    I’m doing really well smokey, thanks! I’m able to get around pretty well, it really kind of blows my mind that I’d be able to walk fairly easily so soon. Don’t get me wrong, it hurts, but not like I thought it might. The way our house is set up makes this whole thing easier too; stair lift, handicap toilets, walk in shower, grab rails etc. I’ll find out Wednesday when physical therapy will start. My primary care physician was very impressed with my progress. Right now my biggest complaints are the heat and having to plan bathroom trips 10 minutes before I need them. Seems my body has its own “proximity alarm”.

    Mom has me worried for sure. She says she’s better, but she always says that. She’s not better. My sister said she told her that she’s just done with this. She’s uncomfortable all the time, she’s tired and she misses Dad a lot. She doesn’t miss the last couple of years when Dad just wasn’t Dad, but she misses the other 70. I’ve heard her say she’d like to just quit taking all her meds, and see what happens. I haven’t had much chance to talk to her or my sister since she got back, she went to bed as soon as she got home. Ken and I both think she’s not going to be around much longer. She’s 92 years old now and her body is just wearing out.


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      Charlene, when life gets crazy, I always think "baby steps.". It is from one of my favorite movies, What About Bob. I had an Uncle Bob who was not quite right so I could relate.
      Baby steps!