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  • Smokey, Sabine, LTB

    You all had a comment on the August 12 dinner thread so I thought I would answer here.

    Smokey - My sweet 16 month old grandson is home from the hospital after spending two night with breathing problems. Not sure what brought that on and he has an appointment tomorrow (Monday) with his pediatrician. Hope to find some answers.

    Sabine - I happen to have Ina Garten's Back to Basics book and I looked up the Italian Meatball Soup. Not sure I can get past the ground chicken but if you said it was good, I do like to try a recipe as written. I will wait for cooler weather as soup is extra good when the wind is blowing. I pulled my book and have it set out to remind me.

    LTB - I did look up Emeril's Meatball soup and printed it out. I put a copy with Ina Garten's book. If I get really ambitious, I really should make both soups within a day of each other and declare a winner.

    Thank you ladies for the recipe recommendations and to Smokey who asked about my little Connor.

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    You are welcome Vera. The only thing I suggest is if you like more broth then what you will get, I use a 32 oz. carton of beef broth. Your choice certainly. I also use 92% lean beef so the soup is not greasy cooking the meatballs in the broth.

    I hope they are both winners for you then you will have a variety you can freeze. I just looked up Ina's and it sounds good but I would probably make with beef. If I do make it I will let you know how the beef ones are.

    I hope on only good news for Connor. I hate hearing a child is sick. It is so scary and heartbreaking seeing a child in a hospital bed. Please let us know.

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      Vera, I personally have not made that Italian wedding soup myself. But the recipe is one that my girlfriend made, she made it just like Ina's recipe, and it is the same recipe that her husband used in his Italian restaurant here in SA. And I had the soup many times. Of course you can change the recipe to your liking. We go to an Italian restaurant that serves meatballs made from lamb meat with a cream sauce, delicious. Ground lamb is not easy to come by , not even here in the big city of SA. But you probably could special order it ? I am able to get ground chicken meat here at my local store, but you could always grind your own meat in the food processor. Personally I would not use 92 % lean ground beef , I think it would be to dry.
      I hope you little grandson will get better soon.


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        Vera i'm so very sorry to hear that about your dear GS.I guess I was just so caught up in "my own thing" that I didnt see this about him.Again,please excuse my lack of good manners on this.I hope & pray that he's doing so much better & will get to come home very soon.