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Hurricane Florence

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  • Hurricane Florence

    We don't think we will get a direct hit but we are waterfront and the debris that will land on our beach will be unbelievable with the wave action. We are om the Potomac River and the storm surge can come up the Chesapeake Bay and rip apart piers and push that debris towards us. When Hurricane Isabel hit in 2003, our backyard was like a mine field of debris with two very large trees down plus tires on their rims (can you believe it?), glass bottles, plastic and even a telephone pole!! Out of power for 8 days. Since then we now have a standby generator that comes on in 15 seconds after commercial power is lost.. The work involved in cleaning up the beach will take at least a week or more. I am not looking forward to this. Everyone says how lucky we are to have waterfront; well, this is one of the downfalls. Wish us luck.

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    It is a good workout right? Stay safe.


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      Sincerely hope that it misses you, Vera. I've seen photos of your garden and if it were mine, I'd cry a river for a decade if it got ruined.
      I really want a smoke detector that shuts off as soon as I shout…“I’M ONLY COOKING!!”


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        Stay safe. We know all about those nasty hurricanes. The last two years of getting hit. One year ago exactly, we got hit, lost power and lots of outside damage. Another reason we MOVED!