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September19th Dinner Post

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  • September19th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It is becoming HHH again. Was out at 4 this morning and it is already warm. The high in the low 80's and the low of 69

    DGS wants sloppy Joes tonight so we will have that along with deviled eggs, Cole slaw and fruit salad.

    What will be your dinner this Friday night?

    Ok, it should say September 14th Dinner Post. Maybe I should start drinking coffee. Not!!!
    Heritic, rebel, a thing to flount,
    He drew a circle that shut me out.
    But love and I had the wit to win,
    We drew a circle that took him in.

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    phew! so glad its not the 19th!!! time is already going by way too fast.
    we are driving our daughter back to the city...not the best way to spend a beautiful day, but we look at it as spending just a little more time together
    when we arrive home, there will be a BD drop-in for our SIL at the lake. a bunch of us have made some apps and a pot of chili
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      My dear livetobake... you don't drink coffee? Coffee keeps me alive!

      John is out tonight so I made something that he doesn't like for my dinner. I made a pizza. Well, I should say I assembled a pizza. The crust was from the supermarket and I put it together using food that was already in the fridge... tomato sauce, ham, pineapple and cheese. It was great but either I ate too much or ate too quickly... *LOL* Serves me right to feel ill. I know what will make me feel better though... coffee!

      I've been sorting out my knitting yarn all day... I have eight plastic crates so there will be one each of:

      - white/cream,

      - blue,

      - pink,

      - red/black,

      - purple,

      - green,

      - grey and

      - variegated/printed yarn

      In the meantime my family room is a sea of balls of yarn
      I love my computer because all my friends live inside it!


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        Nope, I cannot stand the taste of it. It smells wonderful but I have tried several kinds and different ways but I just think it is oily and bitter tasting. Even candy with a mocha flavor, food, sweets or anything that has the coffee flavor I avoid. I am a water drinker 97 percent of the time, I know a lot of people say they can't make it through the day or start their day without coffee but not me.

        If we put our yarn together just think of the amount we would have, lots!!!!!!! I know there are worse things we could be addicted with so I say let's go buy some more!!!!
        Heritic, rebel, a thing to flount,
        He drew a circle that shut me out.
        But love and I had the wit to win,
        We drew a circle that took him in.


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          I never drank coffee growing up but once I started working in an office, the coffee indeed smelled good. But, I have to have it sweet and lots of cream. Now I buy sugar free hazelnut creamer at Aldi's and it is already sweet enough for me so now I can skip the Equal and just have coffee and cream. I usually only drink one cup in the morning. If we are at dinner at someone's house and coffee is offered, I will have a cup then. I don't order coffee at a restaurant. Also, I buy my coffee from Louisiana that is no longer offered in my area because the privately owned grocery store went out of business. So at least they is online shopping. It is called Community Coffee and I order the New Orleans blend with Chicory in it. It is full bodied without that harsh taste I find in Starbucks coffee. I also had the same avoidance to sourdough bread but now I like it a lot. Some stores have dreadful sourdough and some have wonderful sourdough. We do have a Panera Bread within 10 miles of me but I never go in there for some reason. More convenient to go to the grocery store.

          Tonight's dinner will be simple - Caesar Salad with grilled chicken and maybe garlic bread.


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            My local grocery store carries Community Coffee I buy it sometimes, usually I buy Dunkin Donut coffee, We have a Panera close to us, a couple of miles, at the most. We usually go there on Sunday morning and meet up with friends for bagels and cream cheese. Panera has good sour dough bread and I always buy a loaf on Sundays.


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              I couldn't live without coffee ... and LOVE coffee ice cream! I like the smell of flavored coffees, but can't stand the taste. When I first started drinking it, I had milk and 2 sugars. Over the years, I lost the sugars and, after I went through a period where dairy hated me, I put a lid on my coffee so I couldn't see it and after a few weeks, was used to it black. I drink it all morning and then switch to iced water.

              I'm at the beach in New Jersey! One of my daughter's bestie's family owns a magnificent house overlooking the bay. We spent a week here 2 years ago before Erin's cancer unleashed it's final rage making her last year really difficult and cruel. It was an amazing week. I'm having the hardest and saddest time as it comes up to the first year's anniversary of her death, and her friend, who was so attentive to Erin and so lovingly concerned about me, opened her beach house to me. It's so peaceful and I feel Erin everywhere. It's my happiest of happy places. We plan on a lot of laughing this weekend!

              I'm envious of you knitters! I hugely regret pooh-poohing my mother, who tried to teach me to knit and I fought her all the way. She made the most beautiful, delicate baby sweaters. What a dope I was! I remember watching in awe as she knitted while watching TV and didn't even have to look at her hands!

              Supper tonight will be Ina Garten's Parmesan chicken with broccoli or something similar on the side. We're both on WW and it's only about 5 points for the whole meal. Woo hoo!!

              AND IT'S NOT RAINING!! I swear, I was beginning to mold!! Happy Friday all!
              "What fresh hell is this?" Dorothy Parker


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                MC Donalds iced coffee is the best hang over cure!!!! Anyways, just grilling some frozen burgers tonight. I have to get up early tomorrow and go to Columbus for our first day of wedding dress shopping. I do not really want to go but spending time with the girls will be fun.


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                  I enjoy my coffee in the morning. I have my breakfast with orange juice and follow up with coffee and a sweet biscuit. I make cappuccino so it's mostly milk and I take 1tspn raw sugar. I have an Aldi pod machine and buy the #16 pods... the second strongest one.

                  I also enjoy McDonald's cappuccinos. A few years ago McDonalds won the 'award' for the worst coffee in Australia. They took it to heart and immediately trained barristers for every McDonalds store. If you don't like the coffee they serve you can ask them to make it again.

                  Not a fan of the flavourings for coffee. I prefer coffee to taste like coffee but I know a lot of people who love them.

                  We have Dunkin' Donut here but I've never tried their coffee. Maybe I should.
                  I love my computer because all my friends live inside it!


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                    I am a morning coffee drinker. I have 2 big cups in the morning with Sweet and Low and Coffeemate Cinnamon Vanilla creamer. When I go to Curves I wait until I get back home to have it.

                    It is quite warm today, not much breeze either. I went for physical therapy this afternoon, Iím cleared to start the exercise class they have there for rehab. They said Iím doing excellently, Iíve got 121 degrees of bend in my knee and itís back to being straight when itís not bent. I have no real pain in it at all, just kind of a dull muscle ache when I really work it. Iím so glad I insisted that I needed to get this done!

                    I am completely uninspired for dinner tonight...did a freezer tour and decided tonight would be the perfect night for the Bul Kogi potstickers I tasted and bought at Costco several weeks ago. Weíre having green salad with them.


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                      I'm with Lives - Coffee - Yuck. I do like the aroma, but detest anything that remotely has that taste.
                      I'm not a knitter or crocheter. I tried that a few times and it made my wrists ache. I don't sew either! But I do paint rocks and that is a lot of fun.
                      Glad it's not the 19th! I had a salad with bleu cheese dressing at noon. No dinner plans. I was at a friend's earlier and had cheeses and crackers, dips and chips, yummy caramel dip and some great tasting cinnamon cider punch.


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                        it is HHH here. mid 80's super high humidity. I am so over it!!! read this and thought "I AGREE"

                        I like winter
                        spring is nice
                        let's skip summer
                        and do fall twice.

                        NO coffee for me. we have a bunn and a keurig joe puts on the bunn every morning and drinks coffee til it's gone then uses the keurig til bed time. I drink only diet coke.
                        was running most of the day with sis. so we just had cheeseburgers, leftover creamed potatos, cucumber, tomato salad

                        Charlene, I am so pleased to hear you are doing so good


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                          COFFEE MAKES ME POOP, just sayin


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                            LOL, TMI Muzette