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October 9th Dinner Post

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  • October 9th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It will be another HHH day today with the high of 85 and the low of 70. Yesterday was terrible as the day moved on.

    DGS has said he will do all the cooking today so who knows what the meals will be. He does a good job, is into trying different spices so we shall see.

    What will be your evening meal?
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    I got london broils on sale, so I am making a steak salad tonight. I am so looking forward to dinner tonight.


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      Itís 34 now, high of 37. Iím making my family recipe of Peas & Macaroni, side salads and Iíd really like to make some kind of bread or rolls.


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        This morning started out looking like it should rain, really dark and cloudy. It didnít, now itís bright and sunny. I was up and away to Curves fairly early this morning, Iím really trying to be more consistent about it. Itís always easier for me in cooler weather. I definitely feel stronger in my right knee every day. The only thing I cannot do is get down on my hands and knees. Oh well.

        Iím taking the rest of the Aloha Chicken and Rice and adding some cream cheese to it. It needed some kind of creamy/cheesy element added to it. Green salad on the side.


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          hubby working late, son going into work at 5pm so Jacinda and i are going to make steak-um sandwiches.with extra fried onions and melty Swiss cheese!!


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            This daylight savings thing is doing my head in as it does every year. I've changed all our clocks and now I feel as though I'm eating when I should be going to bed...

            John asked for a burger for dinner so that's what he got. About two hours later I had some home grown (by my neighbour) asparagus and some mini spring rolls.

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