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November 7th Dinner Post

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  • November 7th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It is cold and windy today with a high of 48 and the low of 35.

    Not sure what I will have for dinner yet.

    What will you be having tonight?
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    Itís 27, high of 37, low of 20. Iím going to take the leftover chicken and make enchiladas. Scott loves them. Not sure what else.


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      We slept late today so our meals were a bit mixed up. I spent most of the day unpacking and putting our clean clothes away, washing the clothes we wore and getting back to normal.

      It was lovely to spend the weekend with our daughter, son-in-law and Andrew. He still has his bandage but he went back to childcare on Monday. He was happy to see his little friends again. While we were there he fell on a concrete path and skinned both knees and his elbow...

      Our dinner tonight was from our freezer. I had apricot chicken and mashed potato. John had chicken hotpot and mashed potato. Grocery shopping is arriving tomorrow.
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        housebound today.....ear is still not good and now I have a darn head cold
        leftovers for dinner which is just as well, don't feel much like doing anything.
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          Itís been very cloudy today but weíre supposed to be getting some high winds tomorrow. I went to Curves this morning, itís always a good way to get the kinks out.

          We having the rest of the beef and green bean okazu and brown rice and quinoa tonight. Weíll have some pannetone for dessert.