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November 9th Dinner Post

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  • November 9th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    Oh Mudder----why oh why did you send the snow this way? I woke and it is snowing a steady amount of snow and the ground is covered. Better then hot and humid I keep saying over and over.

    I am making scalloped potatoes filled with ham, pickled beets, peas and reheated baked apples.

    What will be your dinner?
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    g'day, livetobake... I don't think we'll have a Summer this year. I bought myself a fancy desk fan that is silent running, has 9 fan speeds, a digital temperature display and remote control. Since I brought it home, we haven't have a day over 20C... Of course there's no doubt that we are going to have a hot Summer, the same as every year but I can live in hope.

    John had chicken hot pot and mashed potato tonight... I had some crumbed prawns.
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      TGIF! Hubby grumpy this morning from traveling to LA and back in one day. He had to go to work half day today too. He wont be doing that again! I guess hell be picking up dinner. I dont have time to cook.


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        Just got back from the grocery where I stocked up on veggies to make soup. I was so cold and almost bought the stuff for beef stew too. Tonight I'm putting together chef salads with left over Brazilian cheese rolls.
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          It is hot, windy and dry here today. There are terrible fires burning in Ventura County and you can see smoke out over the ocean. Were safe here, were not in a fire prone area, but its bad elsewhere. I cant even begin to imagine how devastating that would be. I went to Curves, then got a knee X-ray done for my appointment next week and picked up some things for Mom. Im just about to settle in for some fun reading this afternoon. Ive got a new Stephanie Plum book, Hardcore Twenty Four. Let the laughs begin!

          Were having American Kobe beef cheeseburgers and fruit for dinner.


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            DH is working till 1am again tonight(their thinking about him staying on 2nd shift from now on, yuk!!But then i'm very grateful he has a job!!so many don't!) So i'm solo for dinner.His late night working hours are killers when you're trying to lose a little weight before the holidays.

            I still haven't been able to make the carrot soup or Bean's carrots from T&T yet.My intentions are good but the body wont get with the program so.....Anyway,i'm making a taco casserole,I love 1 pot cooking,so simple & easy & the leftovers are great for this weekend.I'm also making for dessert Bean's Raspberry Buttermilk Cake,I have a 1/2 a bag of raspberries I need to use up.Have a good weekend everyone!


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              Pork tenderloin tonight, with a noodle/broccoli Alfredo.

              Had our first snow, to stick, tonight. Looking forward to not leaving the house for three days. It'll be Spring by Tuesday, right?

              Spinach salads with warm Italian/bacon dressing tomorrow. Some cheese toast to go with.

              Sunday is movie day. I don't watch movies often, so Larry is tickled. We haven't done that for years! I ordered meat and cheese tray and a veggie tray, making different dips, crackers, some rolls for him to make sandwiches, Lil smokies, some pickled Herring, smoked oysters ...