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December 3rd Dinner Post

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  • December 3rd Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    Ick! it has went from a totally beautiful day yesterday with a very welcome high in the mid/upper 60's and so much sunshine into a gray and rainy day with the high of 38 and the low of 28.

    I have not a clue what I am making tonight as I am solo. Probably toast with peanut butter and a couple of Halo"s.

    What will be your Monday night meal?
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    As my friend says, Hodge Podge Lodge. There's most of a rotisserie chicken that needs to be used. Perhaps I'll whip up one of my childhood faves, creamed chicken on toast with peas! If I could find LETTUCE at the grocery, I'd probably have a big salad instead.

    Weather's been nice. Not too cold and it's super sunny today!
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      I am going to make juicy lucy burgers in the air fryer, probably with a salad on the side.


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        Itís dark out and lightly snowing. It was 20 when we went for our dental appts. Itís 23 now. I am enjoying being warm and toasty inside. Red beans and rice with the leftover grilled sausages. Think Iíll go make some kind of sourdough, I fed my starter this morning.

        Oh, I miss having lettuce too!


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          I know what you ladies mean about salad! I wanted some so bad last night and the only ones available were the kale mixes. Heaven knows, Iíve tried to like kale, but itís just not enjoyable to me. You can wear your darn teeth out chewing that stuff!

          Itís very warm today, shirt sleeve weather. My major accomplishment for the day was surviving a Costco run. OMG! It was packed but at least all the registers were open. I shouldnít need to go back until at least the middle of January.

          Iím taking the easy way out tonight. Iíve got a big veggie lasagna with white sauce in the freezer and Iím making that and some Italian sausages to go with it. In keeping with the theme, panettone for dessert.


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            My store has iceberg lettuce, spinach , boston lettuce and of course kale. We are not big salad eaters , so I don't really care.


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              Its pretty dismal here with gray skies & temperatures dropping fast.We were out in it all day & tomorrow is a repeat of today.Oh well,i'd rather be cold than hot.So that's something right.

              For dinner we had a recipe that I had gotten from here many years ago..It's SO yummy & just what was needed to perk up our evening,serious comfort food!It worked!its Moo's Chicken & Rice casserole,buttered peas on the side & cranberry sauce.For dessert,Rosie's Banana Bread.MMMmmmm!