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December 4th Dinner Post

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  • December 4th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It is cold and dreary out with the high of 34 and the low of 28.

    DGS has asked for ham loaf so that along with baked sweet potatoes and peas with be dinner.

    What good food will you have tonight?
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    Instantpot chili tonight, I might get ambitious and make some low carb corn bread but probably not.


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      Cold but beautiful blue skies. It was 6 when we got up, a high of 33. More decorating today for me. Running errands late afternoon. Weíll pick up Mexican from one of the many places around. So happy to have a variety, we didnít in FL.


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        Slow roasted leg of lamb with mashed potatoes and gravy. Trying a cornstarch gravy this time. Keeping my fingers crossed. Have never made gravy with cornstarch before. Larry is more excited about Lamb stew with the leftovers. I've only made it once (the man "hated" lamb for 35 years!) and have no idea what I did last time. I have to start writing stuff down.


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          livetobake: how do make your ham loaf? I've never had that.
          Sunny and cold here. We went to town to hunt for a Christmas tree, had just about given up when we decided to stop in at a small town cafe/convenience store...hubby said he 'thought' he noticed a few trees lined up out front, so we backed up and checked. There were only about 8 trees lined up for sale, just recently cut - perfect! and the price was right at $35. Happy me!
          I dipped batches and batches of Oreo balls and peanuts butter balls when we got home and then attempted to stuff some chicken breasts for dinner.....did not turn out too well. Ended up using about 4 skewers to hold in the spinach/sun dried tomato/asiago. Sides of butter & herb noodles and mixed veg.
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            Itís been a nice day today and rain is expected late tonight and tomorrow. Itís been a quiet day so far.

            Weíre going to have cheeseburgers and chips and dip tonight. That frozen veggie lasagna we had last night was absolutely awful! About 2 bites each and we decided it was destined for the trash. There was no way of redeeming it and even Abby didnít want any.


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              We just got back home from running errands.Its blustery & very cold out there!
              For dinner i'm getting ready to make breaded & fried center cut pork chops,mashed potatoes & cream gravy,buttered spinach, mac&cheese & spicy fried apples.This is one of DH's fave meals.


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                We are getting hot weather this week so we will be staying at home on those days.

                John and I went out for dinner with a group of people and it was just lovely. It was put on and paid for by John's best friend, Sophie and it was to thank people who helped her with a campaign recently. Held at a local restaurant that we had never been to, Galli Winery, it was just perfect. Our entree's were prawn cocktain (mine) and pulled pork vol-au-vent (John). Main courses were John, a traditional English roast Christmas dinner of pork, turkey and vegetables. I had Chicken Forrester which was chicken breast covered in whole mushrooms braised in sour cream. For dessert John had icecream and I had pavlova with fresh fruit.
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                  Sounds delightful, Chayote.
                  Charlene, I like Michael Angelo's veggie lasagna.


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                    Originally posted by smokey View Post
                    Sounds delightful, Chayote.
                    Charlene, I like Michael Angelo's veggie lasagna.
                    Iíve had it and liked it too, in fact all Michael Angeloís entrees are excellent. The one we had was from Smart & Final, La Romanelo brand, and it was dreadful.