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December 5th Dinner Post

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  • December 5th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It is cloudy today with the high of 33 and the low of 23.

    I am solo tonight so while I am out and about I will think of something for dinner or else it will be my by standby of toast with peanut butter and a couple of Halo's.

    What will be you middle of the week dinner?
    Heritic, rebel, a thing to flount,
    He drew a circle that shut me out.
    But love and I had the wit to win,
    We drew a circle that took him in.

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    Another full day of getting things done, family coming over Sunday, so no rest till next week. LOL

    Scott requested the school house pepperoni pizza and salad (our store had Iceberg last night). I could eat a salad every day! It's nice getting back into the grove pf regular meals.


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      Nothing even sounds good today so I have no clue.


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        Leftover lamb. Man, that came out tasty! It was the last leg in the freezer so I went surfing last night to see if anyone local had specials on them. A 7.5 lb leg was $149.00! I about fell over! The one I just cooked, 7.5 lb, was $43.00, I thought that was pricey!


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          Itís quite cold and windy out today and weíre also getting a bit of rain too. Itís a good day to bundle up in warm clothes and snuggle with Abby. Thankfully there was nothing I needed to go out for today.

          Iím making meatball and tortellini soup in the pressure cooker for dinner and we may have garlic bread with it.


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            Originally posted by AngID View Post
            Leftover lamb. Man A 7.5 lb leg was $149.00! I about fell over! The one I just cooked, 7.5 lb, was $43.00, I thought that was pricey!
            I believe its called,holiday product gouging! An atrocity is what I call it!I sometimes wonder if people will really fall for & pay such high prices or does the product get repurposed?Probably grinded up & called something else.I remember 1 year way back when,60 Minutes did a segment on what all is in ground up meats.It was unreal what all was in the burger meat!Course that was back about 1970's-80's maybe.Unreal.That was way before "transparency & accountability" became the norm.

            Edited for:
            For dinner its gonna just be me,DH doesn't get off till later on tonight.I'm thinking a bowl of cereal or some such thing....we'll see, but it wont be anything time consuming.
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