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December 6th Dinner Post

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  • December 6th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It is a sunny and crisp morning with a high of 29 and the low of 24.

    I have a big corned beef started as it will take a while and will add potatoes, carrots and cabbage into the pot later.

    What will be your dinner this evening?
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    I think I'm coming to your house, LTB!!

    C-c-cold here! I'm on my own tonight, so I think I'll just pick up a salad at SaladWorks. It's such a pleasure to be back in the northeast where there are groceries and restaurants galore (and where gluten free is so much easier to navigate). When I lived in AR, the closest grocery was 20 miles away and restaurants were like 40 min. away! Gluten free was a foreign language!
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      Itís 16 with light flurries, high 24. Making a new lentil salsa soup and would love to make homemade tortillas but time will tell. Busy all day every day. Might just end up making grilled cheese quesadillas with store tortillas. Salad too!

      Corned beef sounds amazing!


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        I am getting Burger King for dinner lol, its been over a year since I ate that garbage and I do not feel like cooking tonight at all.


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          I made an Indian cauliflower that is delicious but I made it a little to spicy for my taste so I had to put a dollop of sour cream in it. I topped it with baked cod and green beans on the side. I had leftover rolls that I cut in half, and dipped in garlic butter. Yummy stuff. The garlic I grew several years ago and had so much of it that I dehydrated it - will last many more years!


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            It has been cold and rainy all day today. It looks like weíre done in our area for now. I sure hope so, Iíve got plans tomorrow in Orange County and I really donít want to drive out there in the rain. Iíve mostly spend the day staying warm and reading. Iím reading The Accidental Further Adventures of The Hundred Year Old Man.

            Weíre having breakfast for dinner tonight. Sourdough French toast, bacon and eggs.


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              Originally posted by livetobake View Post
              I have a big corned beef started as it will take a while and will add potatoes, carrots and cabbage into the pot later.
              My Mum used to cook corned beef when we were children but would overcook it, pretty much like she cooked everything. I can still hear her saying that the corned beef was ready because it was falling apart.

              Our dinner was easy... I cooked John a hamburger and he never argues against that. I threw a dozen mini spring rolls into the airfryer and dipped them into sweet and sour sauce. Just the meal for a very hot evening... (yes, I'm talking about the weather )

              I was outside watering the gardens and fruit trees until 3am. It was hot and windy and although uncomfortable, it kept the mosquitoes at bay. Today (Friday) is even hotter and windier. There are fires on two sides of where I live, one of which was most likely caused by someone throwing a cigarette butt out of the moving car. Areas have been evacuated and other areas are on alert. Summer has barely begun and already we have a heatwave accompanied by fires.
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