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December 7th Dinner Post

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  • December 7th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It is cold with a high of 28 and the low of 17. It really got nasty out yesterday afternoon and evening but the roads have been cleared and the wind and snow has stopped thank goodness.

    I am making grilled corned beef sandwiches with Swiss cheese along with some tomato soup.

    What will you be eating this Friday night?
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    Your meal sounds so good, livetobake. I like tomato soup and sandwiches. I usually break the crust away from the sandwich to dip in the soup...

    We didn't have a good night. We had an unwelcome visitor just before dark and I've had to sit here writing a statement for a police report. The person has threatened to come back again so I don't know what's going to happen... Maybe an intervention order.

    After that I had to think about dinner. I did it all from the freezer. John had a sausage roll (sausage meat rolled in one layer of puff pastry and then baked) and some airfried chips. I've discovered the secret to getting crisper chips from the airfryer... put the frozen chips into the basket and shake it vigorously to remove all the ice before setting it to cook. Makes a *huge* difference. I had some airfried mini spring rolls followed by two slices of toast, apricot jam on one and mango and mandarin curd on the other.
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      TGIF! This week flew by!

      It does sound real yummy LTB!

      The dinner I didn't make last night, was too tired. We had leftover pizza.


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        Chayote - When you said you had an unwelcomed visitor last night I thought you were going to say a racoon or a mouse or some sort of living creature. Are you saying someone was trying to break into your house while you were at home??? What a scary thing to happen. I guess you will have to make sure you have deadbolts on your doors and the windows are latched. It is scary that a person has threatened to come back. That makes for some very uneasy nights. Perhaps an alarm system is in order. Stay safe.


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          Today was an absolutely gorgeous day! Bright and sunny and pleasantly warm, such a change from yesterday. I went to a gathering of Hughes Aircraft retirees this morning in Yorba Linda and had a great time. I got to meet one of my FB friends for real there too. It was cool, it was like wed known each other for years. Its a long drive out there, but I plugged my iPhone into my stereo system and listened to the A Star Is Born soundtrack all the way home. Nice! First time Ive done that.

          Were going to have Johnny Rebs BBQ pork and chicken leftovers and some Hawaiian style mixed veggies for dinner.


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            g'day, Vera. No, nothing so dramatic and if it was a racoon, it was very, very lost because we don't have them here... *LOL* At worst it could have been a mouse or snake, neither of which would send me running to the Police.

            It's a neighbour who shares our backyard boundary and who has harassed us for the past 5 years since he moved in because he doesn't like our gum tree. Tough... if he doesn't like trees (which he doesn't) he shouldn't have bought that property. Anyway, he has started coming to our house, twice in two nights. I told him not to come back and if he did I would call the police to have him removed. He said he will come back whenever he pleases and as often as he likes and I can't stop him. And then he said he is going to call the police to complain about our tree. That will give our local force something to laugh about over their coffee.

            Bottom line, I think we will need to apply for an intervention order but I'm happy at this stage to be guided by whatever the Police suggest. My evil mind is thinking bear traps down the driveway and installing electric fencing between the two houses... *LOL* The fencing between us and our neighbours are wooden paling construction 2 metres high... about 7'.

            I have been outside and looked at the tree... I can see black ants that are attracted to the sap but nothing else
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              What does he want you to do ?? Cut the tree down ? It's not his property. Electric fence sounds good to me


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                Originally posted by Sabine View Post
                What does he want you to do ?? Cut the tree down ? It's not his property. Electric fence sounds good to me
                All of his complaints have been different over the years but always related to the tree. It is a very large tree but it's in no way illegal. Yes he wants us to remove the tree and since he has lived in that house he has removed every tree on their property. He has also removed the dividing boundary fence between the two houses that he owns and that has caused some instability to our fence because he removed a post, but we will fix that. He only lives in one of the houses but I suspect the other is occupied by family members.

                Many of the demands he is making are ridiculous and he has not taken the time to understand the laws and bylaws about home ownership. There is a cultural difference and he's not accepting that laws he knew in his birth country and not the same here. He won't accept that if the tree was established before he bought the property, he has to accept the upkeep of his own property, i.e. rake the leaves.

                These are the two properties that he owns shown on google map before he purchased the one on the left:


                The first thing he did was cut down all the trees. My tree is the tallest one behind the house on the left. Since he moved in he removed the boundary fence between the two as I said before and stripped out two bedrooms in the upper level. The plaster board (I think you call it drywall) was thrown out of the windows and it's still laying in the yard. He's not a carpenter or builder... he just does what he wants. He appears to have removed a weight-bearing wall between the two bedrooms so his roof will probably fall down. If that happens he'll probably blame our tree.

                His first complaint to us was that the leaves from my tree had rotted the steel guttering on his house. Not our problem... he should have kept them clean or installed a product called GutterGuard to prevent the leaves from building up. The guttering on that house is the original from when the house was built so it's 40+ years old. Steel guttering rusts... that's why it's cheap.

                The latest complaint is that he claims to have seen insects pouring out of the base of our tree and filling his house with termites. My vision of that resembles an Alfred Hitchcock movie. Last February we spent almost $3,000 installing termite stations completely surrounding our block because we found minor termite damage in our house... *minor* because only 2 feet of skirting board was affected. The station blocks are irresistible to termites and when they are eaten they take the poison back to the nest and feed it to their queen. When the queen dies and nest collapses. Whatever the insects leaving the tree were, they were not termites. Besides, termites don't fly off in swarms which is what he is claiming. He has told everyone in his street and my nextdoor neighbour that they need to take action against us for spreading termites to their house. We live in Victoria... according to the internet 50% of home with timber frames have some level of termite damage unless a permanent (stations) protection is installed. It's the responsibility of the property owner to install their own termite protection. The only State in Australia that doesn't have termites is Tasmania because it's too cold there.

                He's threatened to call the police and report me... probably for harbouring insects of mass destruction... and he's already been to our local Council who told him it's not their problem. I have made a statement to the police about his threats and refusal to stay off our property. I've heard him yelling the word "racist" towards our house and that's just not true. I am just intolerant of people screaming at me. He believes he has the right to come onto our property whenever he wants to but there's a law against that and I will not hesitate to have him charged if he comes back.

                Sadly electric fences are not allowed to be installed in the suburbs. I read the bylaw when we were having trouble keeping feral cats out of our gardens a few years ago so we had to borrow traps from the Council and catch them.
                I love my computer because all my friends live inside it!


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                  Wow, It has to be horrible to live next door to somebody like that. What exactly is his home country ? Maybe he should move back there.