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  • can you enlighten me?

    I like to watch home renovation shows on TV. Most of them are Australian but I've started watching Love It Or List It from the US and Canada and I'm seeing differences between these homes and Australian homes. I thought it might be fun (or not) to note comparisons between our three countries. I'll outline some differences that I've noted that you may (or not) find interesting.

    The show that is on right now is LIorLI, USA. The major differences I'm noting are:

    . the property being renovated has a pool in the backyard. There is no fencing around the pool at all. In Australia, pool fencing is compulsory

    . decks seem to be able to be erected without local government approval

    . colour schemes seem to be still in the beige/brown range whereas Australian home interiors are mainly white... (except mine which is beige)

    . washing machines, dryers and refrigerators appear to stay with the house that is being sold, i.e. devoid of all other furniture

    I enjoy looking at real estate and my interest was spiked again when in another topic, Sabine mentioned that a $1m home seemed high end so this is another difference. The suburb where I live is considered the cheaper area from Melbourne. We are in what is called "the western suburbs" whereas northern and eastern areas are much more expensive. The average price for 3 bedroom homes in my suburb is $400,000. Our home has 4 bedrooms and a familyroom is is valued at $650,000-$700,000 (not that I will ever sell it). Homes in the more desirable areas of north and east range from $330,000 for what is called a bedsitter apartment to $8m for a very nice 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom home.

    If no-one is interested in talking about houses, that's cool. Just ignore my ramblings.
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    here in Ontario, Canada pool fencing is a must
    decks will be built on the sly by some, but a building permit is needed for that....I think that if it is small, then may not be necessary?
    average price for a 2-3 bedroom home here, and nothing special is about $400,000.
    cottages on the other hand - water front - go for around $800 + we have properties here that are crazy priced at anywhere from $1 million to $9 million
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      We actually flip houses, I am hoping to quit my 9 to 5 job by mid summer. Here it all depends on the location, certain municipalities require permits for decks, other do not if it is not physically attached to the home. I am far to lazy to ever take care of a pool, but your home owners insurance charges more if it not fenced. People really want the appliances, so I just buy cheap used ones, I mean really I think you should get your own but whatever. If we keep a home for a rental though we do not provide appliances, then I would be responsible if they broke and have to provide new ones. We have 6 houses right now, 2 are rentals, one I live in, one is already listed and 2 we are still working on.


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        I live in Texas and pool fencing is also a must here. Renovation of any kind have to have a building permit , the contractors usually get that and then it has to be posted on the outside of the house. So when the inspectors come by they can see the permit. Of course if the owners do their own reconstruction they probably don't get a permit until they get caught. Then they have to pay a fine and the permit. No win situation, might as well do it right to begin with.
        House prices are all over the place here in SA depending on the part of town that you live in. The houses in our part of town starting at half a million and up. But if you go to the southside of town they could be under $ 100,000. But it's a part of town that is not very good, or safe and bad school districts. So its all over the place $$$ wise.
        Chayote, I also watch home shows, Love it or list it is one of my favorites. I am always amazed at some of the choices people make. They say one thing and then pick a complete different house from what they first said. Of course I have come to realize that the shows are scripted.
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          We just bought this house for 26 thousand. These pictures are 5 years old, and the lady living in it now is an animal hoarder. She is supposed to be out by Christmas, the hardwood floors are ruined. We are going to to bare minimum work, roof, flooring, paint and chimney repair. I woud love to restore it and live in it, but I feel like you could spend a lifetime and copious amounts of money, and like I said I want to quit my regular job.


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            Chayote, have you ever watched House Hunters International ? Very interesting show. It shows , mostly American families , moving overseas. And most of the time they are not really prepared for the kind of houses / apartments that are available or how they cost.


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              Here in Virginia you can have a pool without fencing BUT you must have an electric pool cover and it must be covered when not in use. One of my son's neighbor's has a pool and right away I noticed no fence so I inquired. I would feel better having a fence if I owned a pool. In my former town I lived in, Vienna, VA. you can't touch a new home anymore for under $1M but where we live now in Stafford County the cost is all over the place. Since we are waterfront with large lots it tends to be up there. Other places in the County you can get a ramshackle house for $200K. I have seen Love It Or Leave It and I always have to laugh when a house is only 1600 square feet but when the cameras go inside it seems the house interior goes on and on. They must use a special camera lens to enlarge the interior. In our area of the state, including Northern Virginia (we are in the outskirts), appliances are always included with the house with the washer and dryer optional. The house must have a working refrigerator, cooktop or stove, oven but not necessarily a microwave. I always thought that was normal. What if your new place didn't have enough room for your appliances you are taking?? Refrigerators can come in three different widths - 36, 42 and 48 inches wide. I would rather just buy new at the new location rather than carting those large appliances around.


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                Here in SA build in appliances stay like dishwasher, stove . washer, dryer, refrigerator may go or can stay if seller / buyer agree on price.


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                  This is the project we are working on now.



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                    No air conditioning ? Garage and car port or is the garage made into a room ?


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                      Muzette, you are allowed to evict in winter there? That’s not allowed here, a Northern state, from November to March you can’t evict someone and power companies can’t cut you off for not paying your bill. People really take advantage of it in some cases by moving into a place and then don’t pay rent or utilities through the winter and then landlords have to hire a lawyer to get them out in the spring. I could never be a landlord and deal with that stress.

                      Laws and requirements really vary here. We live in the country. Fences are not required for pools but if I had one I would fence it, better to be cautious. My kids wanted a trampoline when they were young but it’s considered an attractive nusience and our insurance company would have dropped us because of the possibility of a lawsuit from someone getting hurt on it, we had horrible neighbors there and they probably would have used it without out permission and caused problems so the insurance company had a realistic policy. My kids did not agree.

                      We we bought a foreclosure a few years ago, gutted and remodeled it so we checked into building permits. Just five miles from our old house and the laws were completely different. The same county but a different township covers us here. In the old one permits were required for any outdoor work on a house including replacing a roof, siding, windows and adding a deck. They were also required for some interior work but I don’t remember what. Here any work on the existing structure inside or out does not require a permit as long as it is already on the existing structure or replacing an existing deck. No permits required for any work you do yourself including adding on to the house and adding or replacing the septic system. If you hire someone to put on an addition or replace or install septic and wells a permit is required. You can also build an entire house from scratch yourself with no permits. Hiring someone to do it requires a permit. It seems backwards to me. Professionals require permits. A do it yourself does not even if you don’t know what you are doing.


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                        Muzettte7 - That house needs a LOT of work and replacements. I hope you are up to it. I'm sure the neighbors will appreciate a fresh look too. You and your husband must be pretty handy plus have the talent to do replacements such as the kitchen cabinets, refinishing the floors. The windows look like they need work. Do you ever move into a house you are renovating and work on it while you live there too. I hope all the sweat equity you put in it gives you enough profit to make it worthwhile.


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                          No I have a 35k budget to finish the whole house. I need to make it look pretty, new roof, the floors are too shot to refinish so laminate, carpet and the cabinets will be painted. Air conditioning is not a necessity here like it would be in Texas lol. New tile in the bathrooms, and a claw tub. I am not restoring the home just freshening up, plus we bought it at the sheriff sale for 26 thousand. We should have it done by May at the latest. No new windows, but we do need to have glass cut for a few of them. It has dumbwaiters and a servants entrance. Its pretty darn cool, but its also a business so I cant keep it.

                          The only time we cannot evict is Thanksgiving and Christmas week. She is voulantiarly leaving though so she does not have an eviction on her record.


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                            Originally posted by MudderBear View Post
                            here in Ontario, Canada pool fencing is a must
                            MudderBear... house prices in Ontario seem to be about the same as here and the Canadian dollar is very similar to ours so it's a good comparison.

                            Our bylaws about building permits state that if a construction sits on top of the ground and has no anchors that go into the ground, no permit is required. That's the case with my storage shed in the playground... commonly known as "the green shed" because it's green... So anything that has stumps into the ground or a concrete slab must have a permit and be inspected at various stages of construction. If a permit is not obtained, the Council has the authority to give 30 days for the structure to be demolished. Fences that form a boundary between properties need a permit but not fencing on your own property.

                            Thanks for contributing. I'm in house heaven in this thread today
                            I love my computer because all my friends live inside it!


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                              Originally posted by muzette7 View Post
                              We actually flip houses
                              muzette... I always wanted to do that to make money to pay off our home but we are just not handy people. I can decorate 'til the cows come home but can't hammer a nail in straight to save myself.

                              I looked at that beautiful home that you're working on how. If it were mine I'd be lightening everything up by reducing some of the timber. The fashion here these days is to have laminated furniture in white but I still prefer my timber furniture. Rooms that have timber paneling on the walls and timber ceilings are usually nicknamed as "Swedish sauna rooms" and are usually painted over in white.

                              The ceilings in the photos look low or it might be just a camera angle. Are they 9' ceilings?

                              Pools must be fenced here because it's usually children who drown in them and because of their age, they are not responsible for their own safety. So often we hear about 2yo kids drowning in a backyard pool and then it's reported that the pool was not fenced. That comes with a prison term for the owner of the property.

                              Thank you for your input. As I said, I'd love to be a flipper just once, although we have paid for our house now.
                              I love my computer because all my friends live inside it!