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January 14th Dinner Post

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  • January 14th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It is dark out with snow predicted and the high of 29 and the low of 18.

    Beef stew is on the menu along with biscuits and baked apples.

    What will be your Monday night dinner?
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    ah, there she is! I was just checking one more time before I go to bed...

    I had a nice shopping trip with Tiff and Immy today. Immy loves sitting on the seat of my wheeled walker and today she wore a crown. She looked like royalty being wheeled everywhere she went... *LOL*

    I didn't buy anything while we were out, other than lunch for the three of us. Tiff and Immy had sushi and I had Chinese noodles. It was nice having a girls' day out.

    It's still stinking hot here and my poor family in Adelaide are getting hotter weather for more days in a row than us.

    Dinner tonight was crumbed lamb cutlets, potato and peas. Still using up meat that has been in the freezer for a while.
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      12 here this morning. Beautiful, sunny, day, but I just can't get warm.
      Think I am going to throw together a stir fry with leftover Teriyaki chicken. The sauce was too strong and thick for me. Thinking if I stir fry it with lots of veggies and some ramen noodles, it will mellow it out a bit.


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        Ang, what if you added a little pineapple juice to the sauce?


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          Making pizza stuffed portabells for dinner tonight.


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            It has been cold, windy and raining all day today. Heaven knows we need it. Its been a quiet day, our grandson left a while ago heading to Yuma to visit our granddaughter (his sister) before heading back to Oregon. Hes a good driver in the rain, but CA drivers are definitely not! Im not going out there unless its an emergency.

            We are going to have the rest of the crunchy chicken casserole tonight and well have green salad with it.