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  • Home again, home again ...

    Spent three weeks with my sister and her family in France over the holidays. I sure do LOVE it there! There's such a different way of life ... cooking, eating, visiting friends ... I hated to leave. I only gained 2 lbs., which was worth every single bite of delicious French cheeses and chocolates, and my most favorite treat of all, fois gras. When I win the lottery, I'll move there! Ha ha.
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    I am so happy you have a great time! It is nice being in a place that is just such a happy one and being with people you love, seeing and doing new things that make wonderful memories. While I know you wish you were still there you were missed here and a warm Welcome Home!!!!
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      Sounds so fun, did you take pictures?


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        Why wait , get a work visa and move there, I am sure your sister will sponsor you. Start by learning French, it's not that hard, unless of course you already speak French.


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          Lucky you Luvs!i've always wanted to go there.It would be a vacay of a lifetime right!