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March 10th Dinner Post

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  • March 10th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    The wind howled and the sky opened up and let the rain come down coming from every direction. It is still raining but mild out. The high today of 42 and the low of 36.

    Dinner is up in the air as I am solo. Maybe someone's dinner will inspire me.

    What is Sunday dinner at your home this evening?
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    Making some char sui. Not sure what I am making to go with. I got some bock choy, a napa cabbage and a Chinese broccoli.


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      miserable day here...sideways rain. hydro keeps going off.
      wanted to have roast beef for dinner, but better hold off due to weather conditions.
      hamburgers and salad on the menu tonite, AND cherry cheese cake
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        It rained!! I'm not sure how much but it was enough to water the garden. I felt like going outside and dancing in the raindrops... the smell of rain is amazing.

        My plans to do lots of housework today didn't happen. We had a visit from Immy so we spent the day playing with her and talking to her. She's just so funny.

        For dinner John had a steak with mashed potato, peas and grilled onion. I had tuna patties, mashed potato and coleslaw.

        Tomorrow is a public holiday for Labour Day, which was originally called 8-hour day and marks the anniversary of the introduction of 8-hour work days in 1856. When I was a child our church had their Sunday School picnic day on Labour Day. There were about 100 children in the Sunday School and they would load us into the back of the furniture truck and drive to Hanging Rock, just out of Melbourne. We would have running games, cheese and vegemite sandwiches, fairy bread and icecreams before being loaded back into the truck and driven back to the church. I remember them as being fun days.
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          Getting ready for brunch, coming out of the oven, Green Chile Trotilla Bake. Dinner, Italian sausage, potato, onion and green pepper casserole, garlic toasts and salad.


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            Ordered Chinese delivery. Never done that before. Been getting caught up with bookkeeping and receipts for the accountant for the past three days. Was hoping to get it done. Probably about two more days to go. I've had it for now! *sigh*


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              Woke up sore all over from yesterdayís adventure removing carpet. The house is mostly back together but Iím going to wait a couple more days to finish cleaning up the rest of the floors. It just feels so much better without that ugly thing in here!

              If we donít go out tonight, Iím going to make the rest of the oven baked chicken tacos tonight.