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March 12 Dinner Post

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  • March 12 Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It is sunny and mild out with a high of 55 and the low of 43. I will believe the 55 when I feel it.

    Salmon patties, Chayote, come on over!, twice baked potatoes and roasted veggies.

    What is your dinner this evening?
    Heritic, rebel, a thing to flount,
    He drew a circle that shut me out.
    But love and I had the wit to win,
    We drew a circle that took him in.

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    Tacos and? TBD.


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      I have leftover creamer potatoes from last night and when I was at Wegmans grocery I picked up Bourbon Chicken for me and Salmon for my husband from the hot bar. Also, some broccoli and mushrooms for the veggie. Didn't feel like cooking this evening. Of course, warm sourdough bread is hard to resist too so I got that.


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        Absolutely gorgeous day here in cottage country! Walked to the post office and around the lake as far as I could get thru.
        Feeling energized and decided to make breaded pork tenderloin topped with homemade tomato sauce & parm, sides of herb & butter noodles, parsleyd carrots and tossed salad. Still have cherry cheese cake for desert lol.
        A balanced diet is a cookie in both hands


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          Itís been a really pretty day today. Itís been kind of noisy, the house next door is getting some extensive remodeling done, itís going to be that way for awhile. Itís been a rental property and itís in terrible shape. It will sure help our property value when itís finished. Weíve been doing some rearranging stuff and some purging of junk we donít need as well. Getting rid of that carpet has definitely given us the incentive to do more around here.

          We are going to Five Guys for burgers and fries for dinner.


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            Take out pizza!


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              Originally posted by livetobake View Post

              Salmon patties, Chayote, come on over!, twice baked potatoes and roasted veggies.
              Wouldn't it be cool if we could travel through the internet? Maybe in fantasy land it could happen.

              Another day of rest for me, unfortunately. I barely did anything other than breathe. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

              John was out until about 11pm. We he got home he had mince meat and vegetables on toast. I had mini spring rolls and grapes.

              I love my computer because all my friends live inside it!