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March 15th Dinner Post

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  • March 15th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It is cloudy and raining off and on with the high of 45 and the low of 28.

    Not sure what dinner will be.

    What will you be having?

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    rainy day here, but so mild not necessary to have a fire going which is so nice
    not sure if we are going to Legion for fish & chips or I will make a new recipe I found on fb, breaded chicken with asparagus
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      Probably Marie Callender's pot pies. I'm stopping for groceries on the way home. Will pop them in the oven while putting away groceries and prepping veggies for the next few days.


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        Happy Friday! Beware the Ides of March!

        Wow, all of a sudden we got warm here! It was in the 70s today. Hard to believe when Monday was cold. It seems everybody was out on the road today, all driving like maniacs. I went to Smart & Final and got another 2 corned beefs to put in the freezer, flat cut for $1.69 a pound, limit 2. I got a couple more earlier in the week too. Love corned beef!

        Im going to take the rest of the shrimp risotto and make some Arancini with them tonight and well have some Caesar salad with them. Thought it would be appropriate for the date!


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          Easy dinner, French bread pizza and salad. Mom already ate, we eat much later.


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            Originally posted by livetobake View Post
            Good Morning!
            g'day, livetobake... how is your computer now? If there's no change I can only suggest that you clear all the temporary files. I can guide you through that if you're unsure.

            We have just finished our dinner... John had steak, potato, onion and eggs; I had fish patties, asparagus and potato.
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