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May 13th Dinner Post

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  • May 13th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It started raining yesterday afternoon and it is still raining. The grass just keeps growing and the mud gets deeper along with wider puddles. The high today in the low 50's and the low in the mid 40's.

    Meatballs from the freezer will make meatball sandwiches along with a salad.

    What will be your dinner this evening?
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    I have some more steaks to cook up. Putting them in the air fryer tonight, hubs says he does not like them that way (he still eats them though). He wants them grilled. Its to cold and icky out, so he can just starve if he does not like it.


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      totally miserable day here...crew not working today.
      going to oven bake some chicken breasts with BBQ sauce, corn on the cob, and rice with mushrooms and greens onions in it
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        hi, livetobake...

        We had some pork and pan-fried mashed potato for dinner. I had to cook the pork twice... the first couple of pieces were on the BBQ but when the BBQ caught fire, the pork was incinerated. Next two pieces were cooked in the airfryer and it came out perfectly cooked. I think that's how I will cook the pork in future.
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          Beautiful Spring day here. Doors are open for fresh air. Getting a ton of work done. Probably something with leftover jerk pork tenderloin (served over noodles) and salad.


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            Making pea soup with ham.


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              Originally posted by smokey View Post
              Making pea soup with ham.
              YUM!! LOVE pea soup with ham! How comforting on this cold, dreary day!

              We're having chef salads!
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                chayote - you said your BBQ caught fire !!!! What happened?


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                  May Gray strikes again here in So Cal. This cloudy gray sky isnít unusual this time of year, and with luck it will be followed by June Gloom. I grew up with this and itís completely normal and comfortable to me.

                  Weíre having leftovers of the chicken and yellow rice casserole and fruit on the side.