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June 5th Dinner Post

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  • June 5th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It is dark and cloudy and rain is moving in after a weather perfect day yesterday. The high will be in the mid 70's and the low in the low 60's tonight.

    I am running errands today so I will see what I get inspired by for dinner tonight.

    What will you be having?
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    Good Morning. Today is phase one of our hardwood refinishing in the office and hall. Were really excited to get this done. Not sure on dinner, the leftovers will be lunch or dinner. If lunch, I have to come up with something. Salad and?


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      g'day livetobake and Bean... I actually left the four walls of my house today and went out to mail the baby blanket to the buyer. I got my 4th course of antibiotics from the chemist and then went to Safeway for some small storage bins they had advertised... they are for some of Immy's toys so I can retrieve my Tupperware containers from the toy cupboard. John went to watch Immy's swimming lesson and from there went to play darts in the team he's in at a local pub. I'm relieved that he felt well enough to go out. Gordon came in for coffee and biscuits/cookies. It's nice that he's visiting us more often.

      Kinder Gym with Immy tomorrow so I'm looking forward to spending the day with her. I thought I might get the play-doh out and get messy. After that we can play dolls house and then read some stories.

      Dinner was different for each of us again tonight... I had vegetable soup and mini spring rolls. John had a steak sandwich which is exactly the same as his hamburger except the meat is a piece of porterhouse steak.
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        Good morning. Gloomy here but somewhat warmer. We are supposed to have temps up to 29 by Sunday!
        hoping to go to town today and pick up grocery specials - last day of sales - but DH is pretty busy meeting with customers all morning, so not sure if this will happen. 'If' we do go to town, I want to pick up Chinese food for dinner and then we can have the rest of the meatloaf for dinner tomorrow night
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          I got a lot of yard work done just in time for it to start sprinkling. Scott wanted the leftovers for lunch, so he will pick up pizza tonight for dinner. Ill make side salads.


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            I planned on making chicken parm, but then we got cupcakes, I got lazy and leftover ribs are whats for dinner!


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              It has been an extremely hectic day today. My sister and I had to call the paramedics for Mom to take her to the ER, she was too fragile for us to try it. She has been admitted to the hospital and will have an endoscopy exam tomorrow. She was exhausted and wanted to sleep so she had us go home. Long, long day.

              I came home, scrambled up some eggs with smoked, pulled pork and BBQ sauce and cheese and had sourdough toast with it. Now Im gonna crash!


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                Rooting for you and your mom, Charlene. I hated having an endoscopy. Hope they get some helpful info.