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June 11th Dinner Post

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  • June 11th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    The rain came down with a vengeance late yesterday afternoon and stopped in the night. We now have a blue sky that I hope will last for a day or so. The high will be in the mid 70's and the low in the mid 50's.

    I pulled some Sloppy Joe from the freezer and will have shredded cheese, diced onion, shredded lettuce, steamed broccoli and diced tomato that DGS and I can have for a baked potato bar tonight. He loves them, so do I and it is a easy meal but healthy one.

    What will you make for your dinner this evening?
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    Good Morning, itís beautiful out with a high of 69. Iíve been trying to catch up around the house. Itís hard to have a regular schedule with the painting, hardwood, remodeling. These phases should be done July 3rd. Then weíre taking a break before the rest of the painting gets done. A short break, but a needed one. Egginí marinated hotdogs (stuffed through very large jalapeŮos) on homemade New England hot dog buns (first time making them) and my air fryer potato skins. Scott was thinking pina coladas too, we shall see.
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      Good morning, ladies... I'm heading off to bed inside the next 15 minutes. It's now 2.16am Wednesday morning.

      We had a grocery delivery tonight and it's all put away. I've cut right back on the delivery because we now buy our meat and vegetables from a different store. Tomorrow we'll be going to the butchers to buy some lamb necks for soup and then into the shop next door to buy fresh vegetables to go in the soup... parsnips, carrots, turnip. While that's cooking away I'll get some activities ready for when Immy is here after Kinder Gym.

      Dinner tonight I cooked two different meals. Mine was pumpkin filled ravioli with tomato and vegetable sauce. John had the usual hamburger.
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        Itís another very warm one here today, but I donít think itís quite as hot as yesterday was. Itís been a very long and busy day today too. Home care nurse visit around 10 am, got Mom switched to hospice care about 1 pm, visits from hospice coordinator and nurse at about 2 and 3 pm, weíre expecting medication delivery and equipment later this evening. I am totally wiped out right now and still got more to do. In between those visits I managed to take a package to get shipped and buy a few grocery items and fight the road construction traffic mess in the 1-1/2 miles to the grocery store.

        I made a batch of chicken salad and a batch of egg salad this afternoon and weíre having a half sandwich of each on Hawaiian buns and watermelon on the side.


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          Brats and kraut. 97 today. Awful. Tomorrow too. Average high is 72.