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June 13th Dinner Post

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  • June 13th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It is cloudy with the usual rain today with the high of 64 and the low of 49.

    I have ground beef already cooked that I pulled from the freezer as I am making Spanish rice for dinner, green beans, applesauce and fresh fruit.

    What will be your dinner?
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    g'day, livetobake... forgive me if I made any typos tonight because I've lost my computer glasses. I can't imagine where they are. My house is very tidy and everything has a place but the glasses are not in their place. I have a headache from giving myself eye strain today...

    Immy had a good time at Kinder Gym and asked to go to McDonalds for a Happy Meal with 3 x nuggets, sweet and sour sauce, an apple bag and a strawberry shake. She ate some of the meal but she really just wanted to play on the climbing equipment.

    I ordered a lovely coat from the UK for Immy for her birthday but decided to give it to her today. It looked lovely on her. She needs new shoes which I have promised for her birthday but I think she will need them earlier. After we came back to our house she played for a little while in our playground and when it got too cold she came inside and played at Granddad's desk with colouring, painting and Play Doh.

    For dinner we had chicken wings cooked in my air fryer. They were good. Didn't have anything with them because we didn't feel very hungry. I also started cooking another big pot of soup to share between us and Gordon. He needs to go into hospital next Wednesday and I'm going to miss his nightly coffee visits.

    I guess tomorrow will be spent searching for my glasses. Their whereabouts is certainly a mystery.
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      Pan fried chicken breast with Stubbs honey mustard on the side. It is sooooo good for sugar free! Either broccoli or green beans on the side.


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        A gorgeous day with a high of 77. Had running to do early. Hardwood was delivered for our bedroom. So exciting updating that room, it was terrible! No idea what the people were thinking when they built it. Dexter has a vet appointment late afternoon, check on his wound and get rebandaged. Dinner, probably the green chile ravioli I didnít make last night and tostadas.


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          cool cloudy and rainy here. Spent most of day gathering up our quarterly business stuff and also it's business year end, so did all that too. I hate this time of year, so glad its all done! Managed to get to town and do some shopping, picked up more mulch but no flowers yet lol.
          grabbed a take out pizza for our dinner
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            Itís a pleasantly cool day today, something we always enjoy. The hospice care people helped me get Mom situated in her living room in the hospital bed. Sheíll be more comfortable there and she can watch TV if she wants. We donít have TV in any of the bedrooms. I can also hear her more easily as well. Weíre keeping her comfortable as possible.

            Iím making a package of Sea Pak shrimp scampi and pasta for dinner.