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June 14th Dinner Post

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  • June 14th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    The thunderstorm along with lights out from late yesterday afternoon till this morning is finally over and the sun is out. For now. The high in the upper 60's, low 70's with the low in the lower 50's.

    I am cooking a pork roast with potatoes, carrots and lots of onions, come on over John, with gravy.

    What will be your dinner this evening?
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    g'day, livetobake... I'll pack his bag now. Please send him back by Wednesday of next week....

    We didn't do anything interesting today, in fact we didn't even do anything uninteresting. I could have found numerous things to do but I didn't. One nice part of the day was that Gordon came in for coffee and we sat and talked for a while.

    Well I didn't cook John roast pork and vegetables but we did have pork spareribs cooked on the BBQ, microwaved potatoes and peas. I need to go back to having very light meals because I didn't eat much of my dinner. I much prefer dinners of cheese and pretzels, sliced tomato on crackerbread or just soup.

    Tomorrow I'll make sure I do more housework than I did today. No excuses for being lazy.
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      TGIF! Another beautiful morning, a high of 78. Thatís the highest temperature this year.

      Jeff the painter is here and last summer I made him my double cheeseburger tacos and he loved them, so that will be lunch today. Rice or fries on the side. Dinner, not sure. Maybe turkey lettuce wraps.
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