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July 12th Dinner POst

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  • July 12th Dinner POst

    Good Morning!

    It rained so hard again yesterday. The road in front of my house is uphill and the water was rushing so hard and so fast that it did not go into the grate but just flash flooded the road. Cars were going slow but especially the ones going uphill were really in a pickle. All the rain is causing so many problems for so many. It is dark and dreary out, muggy with the high in the upper 80's and the low of 70.

    DGS says is making meatball sandwiches with cheese melted on top, a salad and strawberries over ice cream. That sounds like a good meal and no cooking for me!

    What will you be having your Friday night special?
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    Meatballs actually sound really good, I think I will whip up a batch and cook them in the oven in the cast iron skillet ans cover with sauce and cheese.


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      Mix of sun and cloud today, temps much cooler. Hubby attempting to golf this aft, last Friday was just waaay to hot/humid for it
      I'm warming up a couple of beef meat pies for dinner along with mashed potatoes/gravy and corn on the cob. Ice cream & strawberries for dessert
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        t has been very warm and very humid today, definitely not conducive to hard work outside. Weve got to load up the car with hazardous waste for drop off tomorrow morning and we still have to stage the trash for when we get the dumpster. Ive been packing all the Corning Ware, Pyrex, food processors, mixer etc too. Next Im going to pack non essential pots and pans.

        Were going to have the rest of the pot roast, some noodles or potatoes and green salad or watermelon.


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          Tacos, refried beans, Spanish rice. Larry picked up some Nacho Cheese flavored premade taco shells. We'll see how those go over. I have flour tortillas for burritos if we don't like the hard shells.