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July 14th Dinner Post

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  • July 14th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It will be another sunny warm day with the high in the upper 80's and the low in the low 70's.

    I baked a couple chicken breasts last night and when they cooled down I made one into chicken salad. Along with the chicken I baked some bacon also for tonight. I will heat the bacon and chicken, slice the chicken, slice a tomato and make the perfect bacon, chicken and tomato sandwiches on whole wheat bread. That just sounds so good. Fresh fruit also.

    What is your Sunday dinner?
    Heritic, rebel, a thing to flount,
    He drew a circle that shut me out.
    But love and I had the wit to win,
    We drew a circle that took him in.

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    I've been such a slug in the kitchen this week! UGH
    I'll muster up some BBQ chicken, mac and cheese, baked beans, and corn tonight.


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      Today I've mainly done housework... just putting things away where they belong, vacuuming and washing the hard floors. Someone from the council is coming tomorrow to help me change the beds and I have clean linen ready to go on.

      Tomorrow (Monday) afternoon my family arrives from Adelaide. They drove halfway to Bordertown and will continue when they wake up. Andrew is looking forward to visiting with Lucy (our dog) and then he mentions Grandma and Granddad. I'm going to try and give Lucy a bath in the morning. I hope she behaves but it's not likely.

      John had bacon and egg sandwich for dinner tonight... I had minestrone soup and I cooked some spiral noodles to add in.

      Gordon has spent quite a bit of time here today... he needed some timber to make a shelving unit for his garage and John still had some offcuts of particle board left from when he was selling it many moons ago. John was happy to get rid of the timber and Gordon was happy that he didn't have to spend any money on his shelves. Over coffee we chatted about the need to clean out garages and throw away anything that is junk. We decided to encourage each other to do just that when the weather warms up and when we have it done we will hire a skip to take it all away. Our tip has a shop on the premises for anything of any use. People can donate what they don't want and other people can buy items that are useful to them. The money collected goes into maintaining the public gardens around our town. We made great plans for this pending cleanup... hopefully it comes to fruition.
      I get more housework done in 10 minutes before someone comes over than I do in a week!


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        Another warm and non-stop busy day. I started packing my cookbooks today (sh*t is getting real here!), and I took just about the last load to hazardous waste this afternoon and continued packing cookbooks. We also have some toolboxes and rollaways listed for sale and have had some of them picked up. In between I’ve been playing ball with grandson Joshua’s sweet dog Luna. Abby finally got over her jealously and has decided Luna isn’t so bad after all. Tonight is trash night and boy do we have trash!

        I’m making slider cheeseburgers on sourdough hoagie rolls with all the fixin’s and we’ll have watermelon on the side.