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August 7 2019 dinner post

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  • August 7 2019 dinner post

    Happy Wednesday!

    The temperature isn’t bad today at all but the humidity is so high. Every move we make causes dripping all over us. Yuck! We have been moving and packing weird odds and ends today and retaping other boxes that have been in storage. We’re all set up with an agent in WA and we’re going to look at a place Sunday evening before we even get to our hotel. This place looks just about perfect, keeping fingers crossed!

    We’re going to have some of those tasty Bul Gogi potstickers with Katsu sauce and some green salad for dinner. What are you having for dinner tonight?

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    Where is LTB? I sent her a message and haven’t heard back. Hope things are ok.

    We were having a bat issue outside. Had the guy who handles the city and entire county come out. He flushed 15 out. Spayed and will be back to seal the roof tiles. So happy they were outside! Ack!!!

    Lentil tostadas and salad. Needed easy tonight (again).


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      Bean , read the august 6 dinner post, at the very end of the post Chayote explains what happen. LTB's feelings are hurt.