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Dinner post for Friday August 9, 2019

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  • Dinner post for Friday August 9, 2019

    Happy Friday! Sorry itís late in the day!

    Another kind of crazy and busy day. I did manage to get a haircut today, at least I donít look like an overgrown alpaca anymore. Got home, spent a lot of time getting a mortgage loan paperwork found, copied, faxed etc. That is seriously time consuming and kind of aggravating. Ken got a lot of our packed boxes out to the garage and I was finally able to find my floor and got it all swept up. It was driving me nucking futs!! Tomorrow is going to be laundry, packing, take Abby to vet for boarding, kind of tidy up a bit, and make sure trash is ready to put out before we leave Sunday morning.

    We had thought about going out, decided against it. Weíll be eating out all next week. We had some Costco Ultimate fish sticks, the rest of the scalloped potatoes and a bag of Caesar salad. What are you having for dinner tonight?