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Dinner post Saturday August 10, 2019

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  • Dinner post Saturday August 10, 2019

    Happy Saturday!

    Itís a pleasant day today, nice breeze going on all day. Itís weirdly quiet this afternoon. We took Abby to be boarded at the vetís office and I keep expecting to see her standing here bossing me around. Iíve been doing laundry, packing, getting meds packed, general tidying up today. Still have to make sure the trash is ready to go out in the morning. Itís been awhile since weíve flown, wonder what new nonsense weíll endure. I know one thing, Iím going to get a big beep when I go through the scanner with my new knee!

    Iím pretty sure weíre going to go to Grimaldiís for pizza tonight. That could change at the last second. What are you having for dinner tonight?

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    Have a safe trip and good luck on finding the house of your dreams. Hopefully you have a note from your doctor about your knee replacement.
    I will never forget the time I walked through the machine and it started to beep, so I was called out, long story short, it was my underwire bra that set of the machine LOL it wasn't funny then , but it is funny now. It's been a few years since I have been on a plane, and I am glad I don't have any plans on flying.
    Dinner .....??? Probably a frozen stouffer meatloaf dinner with green beans and some bread. 110 in the shade , who wants to cook, not me.


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      We went to Columbus to see my daughters new house, and of course had to stop at Ikea. Had the meatballs and got a box of cookies.


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        Husband and I just got back from the beach (The Outer Banks of NC). Came home Saturday evening instead of Sunday morning. Both Saturday and Sunday mornings are just awful as people leave for home and new people are coming in the afteernoon. It can add at least an extra hour or hour and a half to your trip. We left at 4 pm Saturday and made it home by 8:30 pm - very good time. I will be thinking of those people who waited for Sunday morning. You have to leave the rentals by 10 am both Saturday and Sunday so the maid service can service the rental houses. The check in time is 4 pm for people just coming to the beach. Since we were traveling, it was a quick stop at a fast food restaurant.

        Muzette7 mentioned stopping at Ikea. I pass an Ikea every time I go to Northern Virginia which is two or three times a month. I have never stopped. I have heard about their meatballs but have never tasted them. Are the meatballs a worthy side trip?


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          Originally posted by Vera View Post
          Husband and I just got back from the beach (The Outer Banks of NC)
          welcome home, Vera...
          I get more housework done in 10 minutes before someone comes over than I do in a week!


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            The talk of Ikea meatballs is very widespread it in Ontario Canada, I have had many tell me about the delicious meatballs! I must get some next time I go!
            A balanced diet is a cookie in both hands


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              The meatballs are really just ok, but dinner for 2 for 12 bucks is decent. The cookies they are famous for are just the best. You need to go to Ikea, just the kitchen toys are worth stopping for.


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                So which cookies are they famous for - chocolate chip? I personally love Tate's chocolate chip cookies. They are crisp and very buttery. There are 14 in a dark green bag. They are distributed nationally. Worth the splurge at $5.00 but sometimes on sale for $4.00. So it sounds like the Ikea meatballs aren't worth a special trip. I have always thought of Ikea as a place where kids going off to college buy their furniture for their apartment because it comes in flat boxes and you put it together. Not my cup of tea. Maybe one of these times I will stop. I can see the huge store right from I-95 in Woodbridge, VA and have wondered about it.


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                  These cookies... best things on the face of the earth! They are thin and crispy and yum!


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                    Charlene hope you & Ken find the home of your dreams & that everything falls seamlessly in place.

                    I've heard of Ikea but have never been,would love to get one in our area!

                    Muzette those cookies do look really yummy!

                    For dinner we had a tuna-noodle casserole & a homemade fresh peach cobbler.