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  • Dinner Post?

    Well it is late for this....we have a few gals busy with stuff in their lives. Hope everyone had a good day today.
    We had a beach day. I cheated and cooked chicken in the oven, Rice A Roni and fresh green beans.
    A balanced diet is a cookie in both hands

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    Just another Saturday, very hot and humid. Got some take out, didn't feel like cooking. Fried chicken, bbq sausage , beans and rolls. I am ready for some cooler weather, and we need rain.


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      Happy Sunday!

      Hoo boy itís been a busy day! Up at 5 am, showered, ate breakfast, left for Long Beach airport, sat around a bit, flew to Seattle, got a rental car, met with our realtor, looked at homes, found a wonderful place, made an offer, went out to eat with the two agents and finally got to our hotel in Burlington. Phew!! Now we wait!

      We had dinner at the Conway Pub and had monster burgers and fries.


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        Lazy Sunday. I had leftover pizza - from the freezer to the air fryer.


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          We had hot dogs for dinner last night... quick and easy. I've been freezing hot dogs and hamburgers with the bread rolls. A few hours later I was hungry again so I had some 2-minute noodles.

          We had another cold day and night. I've been leaving the heating on low overnight so the house doesn't get too cold. We are getting light sprinkles of snow but it melts quickly. It rarely snows in Melbourne... maybe once in every 20 years. We are having record cold days.

          I get more housework done in 10 minutes before someone comes over than I do in a week!


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            Wow, Charlene, you don't mess around LOL, good luck hopefully your offer will be accepted. Keep us posted.