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August 18th Dinner Post

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  • August 18th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It is raining and muggy with the high of 82 and the low of 6j7.

    I am solo tonight so will have the leftover salmon patty and sweet potato for tonight.

    What is your Sunday Dinner?
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    Surprisingly woke up to sunshine which is nice and hope it holds as DS #1 and his wife are hosting a 'floatie fest' at their home on the river.
    Not sure if I will be staying there or coming home in time for which case we will have some BBQ'd hamburgers at the lake
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      Another beautiful day here. Have to get the last batch of wings smoked this morning. I am solo for dinner so I may just keep a few out for me before I freeze them. If not, I have no idea!


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        It痴 a pretty day but definitely humid. We started back on the packing job, all the difficult stuff we use but not every day. Extra linens, kitchen towels, pots and pans, plastic bags, Food Saver and bags, a bunch of the spices etc. It痴 hard to figure out what we値l need or not need in the immediate future. I知 not going to be doing much adventurous cooking so a lot of things need to get stowed.

        I知 making a meat loaf tonight, it値l probably last for days! We値l have something with it, just not sure what yet. There will be watermelon though!